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Spencer Powell

Spencer Powell
Spencer is a marketer, doubles volleyball player, and a Chipotle super fan.
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7 Facebook Post Ideas for Remodelers

Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing

There’s an old piece of fishing wisdom that’s been passed on from generation to generation: “If you want to catch fish, fish where the fish are!” The concept holds true for remodeler marketing as well. If you want to snag leads for your remodeling business, go where the leads are.

5 Common Mistakes Homebuilders Make On Google AdWords

Home Builder Marketing

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of homebuyers begin their search online? With so many potential buyers beginning their search on the internet, it’s absolutely critical for homebuilders to push their site to the top of search engines as quickly as possible. Of course, Google AdWords provides an immediate solution as SEO efforts begin to take hold, but AdWords also poses a unique challenge with its own set of considerations.

7 Incredibly Creative Ideas For Your Next Homebuilder’s Blog Post

Home Builder Marketing

If you’ve invested in content marketing for some time, you know how difficult it can be to brainstorm fresh, compelling ideas, post after post. In fact, there’ll be some days where you feel like you’re recycling content that you’ve previously published. To consistently improve lead conversion and grow your business, your content marketing must not only consistently provide content, but also remain fresh and ahead of your industry.

Houzz Tips For Homebuilders

Home Builder Marketing

For homebuilders, drumming up clients isn’t always easy. Especially in this economy, finding people who are looking to remodel or build a new house, takes a fair bit of effort and searching. There are tools and services, however, that can make the search easier. The site Houzz.com lists both the homebuilders and the homeowners who are looking to have work done in a particular city, helping them to find and connect with each other. It’s like a social networking site specifically for contracting and construction projects. So how can a homebuilder looking for clients best use Houzz to their advantage? Here are a few tips.

250 of America's Biggest Home Builders on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Houzz

Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming more and more important for home builders.  These channels are a great way to engage your audience, exposure your brand and more importantly: drive website traffic.  We’ve compiled social networks for 250 of the biggest home builders in the country based on Professional Builder’s list here.

In our list, we attempted to find their Facebook page, Twitter account, Houzz Profile and website.  If you see any gaps, it’s because we couldn’t find a profile for that company.

We hope this list will give you some social media inspiration – see what’s working for other builders.  What types of posts get lots of comments?  What posts get shared the post?  Take a look and start incorporating some ideas into your own efforts.

Oh, and at the bottom of the post, we’ve included a Social Media Checklist for Home Builders.  If you’d like to jump right to the checklist, just follow this link here.