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The Top 21 Construction Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

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There is no doubt that podcasting has exploded, and with good reason. What other method allows you to get focused, current content on the subject of your choice that you can consume on the run? Whether walking the dog, driving to a job site, or eating lunch, podcasts are a great way to increase your knowledge while doing other necessary activities. With that in mind, we have compiled what we think are some of the top podcasts for you to check out in the construction and remodeling space. 


The top Construction-related podcasts for easy listening


The Contractor Fight with Tom Reber

Tom Reber | Ratings: 5 stars – 176 ratings

Tom puts out great content for contractors. As a former contractor he understands the challenges of the small contractor or remodeler. New content comes out at least weekly if not more often. Language is definitely “R” rated, so cover the kids’ ears! Over 355 episodes and counting . . . 


Remodeler Stories

Spencer Powell | Ratings: 5 stars – 5 ratings

Remodeler Stories hosts remodeling business owners to tell their personal stories of how they found success in this crazy business. Hosted by Spencer Powell, author of "The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint: How to Attract Quality Leads, Increase Sales, and Dominate Your Competition".


Bred to Build

Brek Goin & Matt Bangswood | Ratings: 4.9 stars – 68 ratings

Brek Goin and MattBangsWood, the co-hosts of the fast growing Bred To Build - Construction Podcast, are two up and coming entrepreneurs and influencers that bring a next generation edge by interviewing real construction professionals, business owners, and some of the industry’s biggest influencers. Every week you’ll hear them cover topics on life stories, mistakes, technology, mental health, hiring, and more.


Remodelers on the Rise

Kyle Hunt | Ratings: 5 stars – 33 ratings

Kyle Hunt is podcasting multiple times a week on a variety of topics: marketing, pricing, employee management, job costing and margins to mention a few. He has a variety of guests that add depth to the podcast. Episodes are roughly 30 minutes in length so it is easy to digest while you are on the run.


PowerTips Unscripted

Remodelers Advantage | Ratings: 5 stars – 34 ratings

Mark Harari and Victoria Downing host this podcast for remodelers published by Remodelers Advantage. This podcast also covers a wide variety of topics of interest to the remodeling community such as design, marketing, cost accounting, demography, planning and so on. There are about 130 episodes at the time of this writing with more episodes coming online regularly. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes in length.


Remodeling the Carolinas Podcast

Mike Claudio | Ratings: 5 stars – 16 ratings

Mike Claudio of Winrate Consulting hosts this podcast series sponsored by NARI Charlotte. This podcast has something for both contractors and their clients. Published about twice a month, episodes are about 30 minutes in length. Best practices and helpful tips are the focus; recent episodes focus on why contractors and remodelers should offer financing options to clients, the value of the design/build model, and scaling sales using a CRM. This is a newer podcast so there are only about 30 episodes as of this writing.


Remodeling Mastery by Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson | Ratings: 4.5 stars – 13 ratings

Mark has been podcasting for the remodeling and contracting industry since 2015, so there is a great deal of content available from this podcast and he is a consistent producer. Mark’s topics cover all aspects of the remodeling business, and as a former remodeler, he knows his stuff. Mark has frequent interviews with thought leaders in the industry. Remodeling Mastery publishes 2 to 3 times per month and the podcasts mostly range in length from 20 to 50 minutes.


The Modern Craftsman Podcast

The Modern Craftsman | Ratings: 4.8 stars – 789 ratings

This weekly podcast features hosts John Hourihan, Tyler Grace and Nick Schiffer. With over 140 episodes, this podcast focuses on providing a platform for “professional craftsmen to tell real and relatable stories about the industry and market they live and work in.” Episodes tend to be longer than other construction related podcasts frequently stretching over 2 hours. This allows a deeper dive into a wide variety of topics. The conversation is easy and free flowing.


Builder Funnel Radio

Spencer Powell | Ratings: 4.7 stars – 30 ratings

Builder Funnel Radio is hosted by yours truly.  Our podcast covers a range of topics all centered around business growth.  There are regular weekly shows on Tuesday and Friday including Expert Interviews, Growth Series, and Family a Family Business.  We also feature Original Mini Series which are typically 4-10 episodes in length and do deep-dives on specific topics such as SEO, Making a Profit and Facebook Marketing.  Episodes range from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the format and topic.  Builder Funnel Radio has 216 episodes and counting!


The Family Business Podcast

Russ Haworth | Ratings: 4.8 stars – 17 ratings

Russ Haworth provides interviews with family business owners and advisors from all over the world. Topics include succession planning, business structure, communication and culture within the family business and other relevant topics. Length ranges anywhere from 30 minutes to a little over an hour. Russ has been doing this podcast since 2017 so there is plenty to find here for the remodeler or builder that wants their business to continue on for generations, even though the focus is on any family business.


The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Todd Dawalt | Ratings: 4.7 stars – 173 ratings

This construction podcast focuses on being an effective entrepreneur and leader. Todd has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Todd provides insights and interviews with industry experts on a diversity of topics. There are just under 200 episodes ranging from 30 minutes to approximately 75 minutes.


The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey

Casey Grey | Ratings: 4.7 stars – 7 ratings

Casey Grey, a builder out of Ottawa Ontario, has been podcasting since 2016.   His podcast tackles many topics of interest to the builder, remodeler and small business owner. Not least, how to achieve work life balance and approach your business in a “conscious” way. Casey is prolific in his publishing, with new podcasts at least every week, with over 120 podcasts to date. Most are in the 30 to 45 minute range in length. Well worth the listen.


The Building Code

Paul Wurth | Ratings: 4.9 stars – 99 ratings

The Building Code podcast is hosted by Paul Wurth and Tom Houghton of Buildertrend. Topics include subjects across a broad spectrum, from Builders’ Risk Insurance to tiny homes. Episodes are short and concise – between 20 and 35 minutes. The goal for the podcast is provide construction professionals with high-quality interviews, best practices, and tips and tricks from their peers. 


The Lien Zone Podcast

Alexander E. Barthet | Ratings: 4.6 stars – 17 ratings

Florida construction attorney, Alexander Barthet, answers technical and legal questions related to the construction industry. Although, specific to Florida law, this podcast does provide a good primer for anyone engaged in the construction industry nationwide. Alexander is an engineer as well, so his talent stack is helpful and his advice is practical. There are even topics related to COVID19 and its impact on your business. Most episodes are under 30 minutes.


The Art of Construction

Devon Tilly, Mountain View Window and Door | Ratings: 4.5 stars – 58 ratings

Contractors and architects will enjoy this podcast focused on growing their businesses. Devon has been podcasting since 2014 and his love of the medium shows. Lots of industry interviews, episodes focused on sales, culture, insurance, finding the ideal customer, performance standards, design build vs. design bid, provide a very helpful and informative podcast. As a business owner, Devon walks the walk and talks the talk.


The ConTech Crew

JBKnowledge | Ratings: 4.4 stars – 49 ratings

This podcast focuses on ways that technology can help, enhance and revolutionize one of the oldest industries out there: construction. Wondering how drones might change the industry? They talk about it here. Should you be worried about having your data hacked? Listen in.   James Benham leads the ConTech crew as they discuss and talk to guests about the confluence of construction and tech. The podcast airs weekly and should be close to 300 episodes by the end of 2021. Episodes run over an hour.


The Fine Homebuilding Podcast

Fine Homebuilding Magazine | Ratings: 4.8 stars – 588 ratings

Hosted by the editors of the Fine Homebuilding Magazine, there are 300 episodes “focused on the preservation of craftsmanship and the advancement of home performance in residential construction.” Episodes are generally light-hearted and informal, making this an easy listen when you are between job sites in your truck or working on the jobsite itself.


Protractor Podcast

Martin Holsinger | Ratings: 4.8 stars – 106 ratings

The Protractor Podcast is interview heavy, meaning Martin finds great guests, successful contractors and craftsmen, and let’s them tell their stories. Chock full of practical advice and real-life scenarios that will help you be more successful as a contractor or remodeler. Martin’s motto is “Inspiration, Motivation, and Education.” With over 3 years of interviews, you are sure to find much to like in this podcast.


Made for Profit

Brad Rodriguez & John Malecki | Ratings: 4.9 stars – 568 ratings

This podcast is for “makers”; anyone trying to run a profitable business working with the tools. Great for woodworkers, builders, remodelers, metalworkers and anyone else who works with their hands. A wide variety of helpful topics, so just que up Episode 1 and get started. Watch out for “dad jokes.”


Contracting Coachcast

ContractingCoach.com | Ratings: 4.7 stars – 55 ratings

Cody Booth is a coach to contractors trying to be more successful in their businesses. These short podcasts offer helpful coaching tips on sales and marketing, project planning and management, technology, and improving yourself personally as well. Most episodes are less than 20 minutes.


Essential Craftsman

Nate and Scott Wadsworth | Ratings: 4.9 stars – 230 ratings

Father and son discuss all aspects of the building trades along with personal history over several generations. Great dynamic between father and son. Discussion topics are wide ranging from battery tool choice to forest management to spec housing construction. Typical lengths are usually from 30 to 60 minutes. A good listen.



There you have it.  The top 21 construction podcasts to listen to in 2021.  It's been amazing to see the number of podcasters getting into the space.  The industry is really turning into one where we can share knowledge, best practices and move us all forward.

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