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15 Remodeler Marketing & Advertising Ideas for 2022

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If you’ve been less than impressed with the performance of your remodeling marketing efforts of late, perhaps it’s time to try something new. However, if you’re tired of the “throw-something-against-the-wall-to-see-if-it-will stick” approach, we’d like to suggest 12 marketing ideas that our clients have tried that work.


1. Roll The Cameras

We’re seeing an increase in the use of video among remodelers. You could do a short series along the lines of: Answers to the 4 Most Common Remodeling Questions. Make each segment short (1 ½ to 2 minutes). Include contact information so viewers can get more details (and have it ready for them). Make it fun, casual, and helpful (not a sales pitch).  Don't worry about having top notch production values; people consume video at a huge rate and value "authentic" over "polished".  You are connecting with your prospect on a human level - one to one.

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2. Create a Time-Lapse Portfolio of a Major Project

Lots of home remodeler websites have “Before & After” photos (and yours should, too), but creating a “time-lapse” presentation can keep visitors coming back to your site. Plus, it helps prospective clients better understand the process involved—which can help you close the deal. 

Put the time-lapse up on your home page (or at least link directly to it from there).  Use the same time-lapse "story" on your Instagram and link back to your website.  Facebook is another great spot to promote this content; leverage the same content on multiple platforms.

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3. Stories That Go Beyond the Walls

It’s one thing to show designs, plans, and even pictures of a completed project. Having your clients talk about how they actually use their “new” room takes things to a new level. It allows your readers to hear how a remodeling project isn’t just about making something look better—it’s about making life more enjoyable.

Prep your customer at the start of the project that you would like to interview them on camera once it's complete and have a list of open-ended questions to help them start talking comfortably.  Once again, production values don't have to be super high; you can use your phone.  Don't forget to put these mini "stories" up on all your platforms.


4. Play “Stump the Remodeler”

Have a page on your website that focuses on a few of the more unusual and challenging projects you’ve undertaken. Then ask readers/viewers to submit their challenging remodeling prospects.  This works especially well on your blog. Obviously, you won’t go into great detail or present a full plan, but it gives you a chance to highlight your knowledge, expertise, and skill. Make sure submissions include a name and email address so that you can follow up.


5. Get Your Own House in Order

Not all marketing efforts for your remodeling business are outward facing. A lot of remodelers don’t have a good grasp of who their prospective customers are. Others don’t have a clear picture of how past marketing efforts have performed—or even a way to qualify interested prospects.

Before you can take corrective measures to improve your marketing, you need to know where you stand. A great way to do that is to schedule a free Remodeler Marketing Assessment. You’ll come away with a review of your current website set up, your social media presence, some free tips on how to improve your traffic, and, best of all, some concrete, actionable advice on how to generate more leads today.



6. Create and Offer Premium Content

We've seen this tactic gain hundreds of leads for our clients and is a great way to share your knowledge. Create an eBook, checklist, or cost comparison guide that your prospective customers would find value in. For example a kitchen design guide eBook with remodeling considerations, a checklist to see if your deck is safe, or a cost comparison of remodeling projects in your area. Then, create a form where prospects have to fill out their name, email address and phone number before they can access the premium content information.


7. Entertain & Inform Your Audience 

Use photos and infographics to entertain your audience while you teach them about remodeling. Infographics are a great way to explain your process or describe the difference between materials. You can create an infographic for just about anything, but remember to think about your audience when creating it. Canva is a great, user-friendly online graphic design program with templates to help you get started.


8. Increase Engagement Through Contests

Contests are the perfect way to increase engagement on your social media platforms or website and can help you accomplish a variety of goals. For example, if you're looking to increase engagement on your Facebook page, you could create a contest that encourages people to like, comment, or share your post. This will increase the number of people who see your post and give your business more reach. Adjust the size of the incentive based on the size of the contest. For example, you can offer a $5 Starbucks gift card for the participants of an engagement contest. If you opt for a larger contest, consider giving a free design consultation or offering money off a remodel.

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9. Be in the Moment. Be Authentic

People like authenticity and being able to relate to your company on a personal level. One way to exude authenticity is to be in the moment and be real with your followers on social media. Consider going Live on Facebook and showing your followers the progress of a remodeling job or the finished project. Or take a selfie and explain what you're working on for the day, whether it's a day in the field or a day in the office, you'll be able to better connect with your audience. As a bonus ask them what they are doing today to generate more engagement.


10. Stay Top of Mind

Email isn't dead. Newsletters and eBlasts can help you reach past, present, and potential clients and keep your business top of mind. That way when a friend asks about remodeling their home, your past clients know exactly who to recommend. Or maybe initial planning didn't work out for one of your prospects, but they've been receiving your emails. When the time is right these prospects will trust you to remodel their home.


11. Get Personal With Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing allows you to target your prospective clients more directly. By sending a text message directly to their phone, they are more likely to read your message and engage by responding. This is the perfect way to stay in touch with current customers and follow up on next steps with existing prospects.


12. Share Your Success

Do you have an exciting company history, a unique remodeling case or a noteworthy anniversary? Why not share those stories with your local news station. Often times journalists are looking for heartwarming feature stories on locals to share with their audiences. Write a pitch and see if they'd be interested in covering your unique story.

If you suspect that your marketing efforts aren’t generating the kind of results you want and need, now is the time to do something about it. Wondering and worrying won’t help, but taking specific steps can get you the results you want.


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