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The Remodeler Marketing Blog

by Builder Funnel

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Remodeler Marketing

2 min read

How Much Should a Construction Company Spend on Marketing & Advertising?


The Small Business Association recommends that companies with under $5 million in revenue should spend 7-8% of their revenue on marketing. This...

2 min read

What are the different types of contractors?

Are you trying to decide what types of contractors you should be hiring for your home building or remodeling project? Or are you trying to decide...

2 min read

How to Become a Licensed Contractor


Are you thinking about becoming a licensed contractor? There are many benefits of getting your contracting licensed, but the benefits and...

2 min read

The Simple Construction Marketing Plan [2021]


The Best Marketing Plan

What is the best marketing plan? We would be lying if we told you that we had one marketing plan that is best for everyone...

3 min read

10 Amazing Construction Websites Every Contractor Can Learn From


Are you looking for some inspiration for ways to improve your website for your contracting, remodeling, or home building business? We compiled a...

14 min read

250 of America’s Biggest Home Builders on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz


Social media is becoming more and more important for home builders.  These channels are a great way to engage with your audience, exposure your...

5 min read

Houzz for Contractors, Home Builders, and Remodelers


Is your contracting, home building, or remodeling company on Houzz? If not, I'm sure you're considering it! We have all of the information that you...

4 min read

Utah Remodeling Companies to Consider [2021]


Are you searching for the perfect remodeling company in Utah to transform your home? We're here to help! Builder Funnel is a marketing agency that...

4 min read

BuildZoom for Contractors, Home Builders, and Remodelers

If you are a contractor, home builder, or remodeler looking for a platform to land more leads, you've probably come across BuildZoom. While BuildZoom...

4 min read

11 Facebook Post Ideas for Contractors, Remodelers, and Home Builders

There’s an old piece of fishing wisdom that’s been passed on from generation to generation: “If you want to catch fish, fish where the fish are!” The...


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