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10 Amazing Construction Websites Every Contractor Can Learn From

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10 Amazing Construction Websites Every Contractor Can Learn From


Are you looking for some inspiration for ways to improve your website for your contracting, remodeling, or home building business? We compiled a list of some amazing websites from contractors that you can learn from. If you are looking for additional help with your website, check out our Brand Camp podcast series, or head to our website design page to see what we can help you with! What makes these remodelers' websites stand out? Let's take a look!

Master RemodelersMaster Remodelers

We know that a remodeling website is great when the home page is as captivating as the Master Remodelers site. The highlight of their home page is their rotating banner image that acts as a preview of their portfolio. Scrolling through their home page you can see their values, preview their process,  featured projects, and a link to their blog. Their navigation bar makes it super easy to find explore their website and find everything that a customer would need to know. Master Remodelers has all of the right features on their website with an intriguing, clean, and consistent aesthetic. 


Forward Design Build RemodelForward Design Build Remodel

What we love most about this Forward's website is their use of videos on almost every page! Videos are such a great way to get visitors engaged on your website. The overall design of their website is simple and clean. The menu at the top of their page and the use of internal links made their website really accessible and provided a sense of ease when navigating from page to page. Every page on Forward's website also provides thorough details about the relevant offerings that the respective page covers, leaving minimal chances of confusion for potential customers. 


Willowood HomesWillowood Homes

Willowood Homes has a beautiful modern design that is still user-friendly. As you scroll through the home page, their images and text slide onto the page with transitions that make the experience feel really smooth. Their branding is clear and consistent throughout every aspect of their website which lets consumers understand who they are just from the visuals on their site.   


Vintage BuildersVintage Builders

This website is simple and sleek - making it the navigation straightforward and aesthetically pleasing to browse. Going through their navigation tab, Vintage Builders only offers a couple page options which makes the user experience great since there is not an overabundance of options when trying to find information on your pages. Another great feature is that as soon as you open their website, you can click the play button to open a YouTube video that tells you about their company which is unique and engaging!


Cooper Design BuildersCooper Design Builders 

Cooper Design Builders has a website populated with breathtaking images from their projects. Giving people the chance to explore these projects deeper with testimonials and thorough portfolios with before and after pictures is a great way to build trust through a website. To give website visitors plenty of options if they are looking for something specific on their website, buttons in their navigation tab have a drop-down with detailed sub-topics about their team and services.


Gowler HomesGowler Homes

The carousel on the home page for Gowler Homes' website is a great introduction to the company and their work. By using a simple color palette and design, they created a very welcoming website with a pleasing aesthetic. All of the photos and testimonials on their website showcase their work in a way that makes you want to keep seeing more! 


Sebring Design BuildSebring Design Build

Sebring Design Build does a great job at having a lot of content to offer on their website, but presenting it in a really organized manner. One of our favorite features on their website is their page that is dedicated to video testimonials puts a personable twist into reviewing past customer feedback. Sebring's website also has a "Live Chat" button on their home page which is something that we don't typically see on remodeler's websites. This button can quickly help customers with any questions about the company or their website.


Innovative Home Renovations (IHR)Innovative Home Renovations (IHR) 

Innovative Home Renovation's website isn't just another pretty website! It definitely is beautifully designed, but it has much more to offer. Their website in many ways feels like following an interactive map. They have a few areas where a process or list is laid out in a flowchart manner that helps customers follow it seamlessly, sometimes even by clicking from one step to the next. Additionally, every time you go to another page, it gives you the relevant information and provides a link to the page that would be the next step in the process. 



Bellweather Design Build

Bellweather Design-Build does a fantastic job of offering customers a chance to learn more every time that something new is introduced on the site. The first time you see a new topic, they offer a glimpse and a chance to read more or see more photos on another page if you are interested. On the other hand, if you are looking for something specific, they have thorough content for you to view everything that you'd like on their site. If you want to keep seeing more, you definitely can on Bellweather's website!


Wolf CorpWolf Corp

The simple and unique design on this website is breathtaking! You can tell that Wolf Corp invested into this website and the photos of their work that is featured on this site. The graphics and animations that are used on their site keeps the website visually intriguing. They present all of the material and services in such a unique and satisfying manner. You can also find videos on their website from when one of their projects was featured on the TV show This Old House. 


Final Thoughts

We hope that you're about to learn something from these amazing websites from contracts, remodelers, and home builders! Let us know what you think about these websites and share your favorite contractor websites with us! If you need some help with your website, check out our website design offerings and schedule a meeting to talk about your options.