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Digital Marketing 'Impact': One Client's 6-Month $746K Revenue Surge

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Impact Enclosures, based in Jacksonville, FL, proudly held the title of the highest-rated outdoor enclosure company in the area. They specialize in crafting top-notch screen enclosures, motorized pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and various other backyard projects. While they boasted an excellent sales and customer service system, their online presence was not living up to its potential.

The Challenge

Creating an online presence to mirror their already remarkable service reputation.

In the realm of digital marketing, Impact Enclosures encountered hurdles that prompted them to seek key enhancements.

Firstly, they were in need of a new, optimized website to bolster their online presence. Recognizing the importance of staying relevant in the dynamic online landscape, they also sought a consistent content plan. Additionally, Impact Enclosures aimed to attract potential customers through the implementation of a robust lead magnet and an effective paid ads strategy. These strategic initiatives were vital to their goal of maximizing their digital impact and reaching a broader audience.


The Strategy

Builder Funnel stepped in to revolutionize Impact Enclosures' digital game by implementing a comprehensive approach:

  1. Brand New Website:

    • Designed a fresh website optimized for SEO best practices, tailored specifically for Impact Enclosures.
  2. Content Plan:

    • Developed an expansive content plan targeting all stages of the buyers' journey to build authority on Google.
  3. Paid Ads Strategy:

    • Implemented a paid ads strategy to precisely target consumers seeking Impact's services.
  4. Premium Content:

    • Created premium content aimed at informing, educating, and capturing contact information from potential customers.


The Results

In just six months of collaboration, Impact Enclosures experienced remarkable outcomes:

  • Revenue Boost:

    • Generated an impressive $746,428 in revenue from inbound marketing efforts, encompassing organic search, direct website traffic, and paid search ads.
  • Lead Acquisition:

    • Acquired over 200 qualified leads, with 40 of them successfully converting into customers.
  • ROI Success:

    • Witnessed a remarkable return on investment, exceeding 200% on Google ads managed by Builder Funnel.

Key Takeaways

Holistic Approach Works:

    • A comprehensive strategy combining website optimization, content planning, and targeted ads delivered substantial results.

Quality Over Quantity:

    • While 200 leads were acquired, the focus on qualified leads ensured a high conversion rate, resulting in 40 new customers.

Tangible ROI:

    • The investment in Google ads translated into a significant return, showcasing the effectiveness of the paid ads strategy.

Impact Enclosures' success story exemplifies how a tailored digital marketing approach can elevate a company's online presence, drive revenue, and convert leads into satisfied customers. Builder Funnel's expertise played a pivotal role in this transformation.


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