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Spencer Powell

Spencer is a marketer, doubles volleyball player, and a Chipotle super fan.

2 min read

5 Top Marketing Automation Tools for Home Builders

Buying a new home or remodeling your current home can be very stressful. So it’s no wonder homeowners are surfing the web to research what to expect before they start. They find your website and shoot off a quick email for more information, and...


2 min read

Small Changes that Make a Big Difference to Home Builder Websites

Having a strong online presence isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. Gone are the “good old days” when a static site, designed more like a brochure,...

2 min read

5 Customer Objections When Buying a New Home...and How To Handle Them

You might be saying to yourself, ‘My customers don’t have objections.’ But the reality is, yes, they do. You just may not realize it because they...

2 min read

What Makes for a Good Internet Homebuilder Lead?

If you’re responsible for the marketing that sends leads to your sales team you may have run into the claim from the sales guys that, “Internet leads...

2 min read

Instagram Marketing 101 for Remodelers [Plus: How to Get Started]

Remodeling is a very visual business. I’m not talking about from your perspective as a remodeler—I’m talking about from your prospective clients’...

1 min read

3 Clever Social Media Campaign Ideas for Home builders

One of the really cool things about social media for Home builders is that there are so many different options. When you’re marketing your home...

2 min read

Does Your Remodeling Business Have a Process for Qualifying Interested Prospects?

If you’ve been in the home remodeling business for a while you know that not everyone looking for a remodeler is a good fit for you. Some “prospects”...


2 min read

Home Builders: Are You Prepared for the Next Downturn?

Most home builders have to be somewhat encouraged with the way the housing market has been headed lately. As The New York Times reports, “The Housing...


2 min read

3 Marketing Strategies Remodelers Can Use With Past Clients

If you’re a remodeler, you’re probably looking for new ways to win new business. But what if that new business could come from a source that already...


1 min read

Why Some Home Builders Get All the Good Referrals

We all know how important referrals are in any business. But in the homebuilding business referrals are particularly important. After all, if you’re...


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