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3 Marketing Strategies Remodelers Can Use With Past Clients

Spencer Powell | November 27, 2018

3-Marketing-Strategies-Remodelers-Can-Use-With-Past-Clients.jpgIf you’re a remodeler, you’re probably looking for new ways to win new business. But what if that new business could come from a source that already knows and trusts you? What if your new business came from “old” clients?


Your past clients can be a great source of new business—provided you stay in touch and let them know what you can do for them. Here are three ways you can stay in front of past customers and potentially generate new business.

  1. Show: There are always new trends, developments, and improvements when it comes to home design and remodeling. Chances are you used your client’s email address to stay in touch while you were working on their home. Email your past clients and ask their permission to show them what you’re working on these days. Remind them how much you enjoyed working with them. Ask them if they’d be interested in receiving an occasional update from you that highlights some of your favorite projects. Don’t overdo it. Hand pick projects that are fun, innovative, or just turned out really well. Make sure that they can easily unsubscribe anytime they want (and tell them that). It’s a great way to let them see what you’re doing—and remind them of projects they might want to do.
  1. Tell: You might want to take a similar approach with past clients to tell them about new developments you’re seeing. Maybe there are new materials you’ve been working with that they’d like to know about. Perhaps you’ve run into new design ideas that you (and they) hadn’t seen before. Remind them about your expertise. Just remember, you’re informing—not selling. You’re sharing this information with them because they (obviously) care about their home and you think it could be helpful.
  1. Motivate: If you’re headed into a period that you know is going to be slow, you might want to consider giving past clients a special “limited time” incentive of a slight price break. Be honest. Tell them that some gaps will be opening in your schedule and that you’d rather stay busy. Or if you’re aware of some environmental rebates for construction that will be expiring, inform them about that and let the rebate money they’ll get back act as the incentive. You might even use incentives to motivate past clients to refer you to a friend. You could offer some kind of a gift card for every referral. But another option would be to make a contribution to the charity of their choice for every referral. It makes them feel good about themselves (they’re helping someone out instead of “selling out” their friends. Plus it helps establish you as a “remodeler with heart” who is interested in the community.

Sometimes new business can come from old sources—sources you don’t have to introduce yourself to or work with to establish trust. Build on the relationships you have and see if there’s a way you can be of service.

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