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Are We There Yet? Is Builder Marketing a Journey or a Destination?

Home Builder Marketing, Measuring Marketing Results, Lead Generation

Anyone who has ever traveled with young children has heard that dreaded question: “Are we there yet?” Kids want to have fun and they can’t wait to get to the good stuff. Parents try to point out things of interest along the journey, but the kids have their hearts and minds set on the destination.

Why You Need Smart CTAs on Your Homebuilder Website

Content Marketing, Calls to Action, Lead Generation, Home Builder Website Design

You know you need calls to action (CTAs) on your website. They’re those tempting little messages or click buttons at the end of a blog post or landing page that invites visitors to move to the next logical page. It could be a: 

Builder-Remodeler Marketing: Reaching Isn’t Enough—You Need to Engage

Home Builder Marketing, Customer Retention, Lead Generation

When you’re marketing your homebuilding or remodeling business, a lot of your focus tends to be on “reaching your audience.” You work to define your audience. You identify what’s important to them. Maybe you’ve even created a persona that helps you define your audience. Then, your content needs to be good because it’s essential that you speak to them about the things they want to know. And of course, it’s important to be found by the people you’re hoping to work for—so you pay attention to keywords and SEO or even pay-per-click.

What Are You Doing With All That Data You Collect?

Content Marketing, Home Builder Marketing, Measuring Marketing Results, Lead Generation

When we talk about marketing for homebuilders and remodelers, we often encourage businesses to engage with their potential clients. That means—at least in part—having online exchanges with these potential customers. When you do that, you’re not just talking to prospects, you’re also collecting data. But data that just sits there doesn’t help you (or your prospects). What are you doing with the data you’re collecting? 

Can You Afford (Not) to Do Marketing for Your Homebuilding Business?

Lead Generation, Home Builder Marketing, Inbound Marketing

If you run a homebuilding business you have to keep your eye on your budget—just like any other businessperson. A significant part of that budget is the money you spend to market your services. There’s no getting around the fact that marketing your business costs money. More than one builder has wondered aloud if he or she can really afford to keep marketing. 

This blog is dedicated to providing valuable information to home builders, remodelers, and contractors about inbound sales and marketing. It's full of test, experiments, and ideas from our dedicated team of marketers.

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