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How to Get Exclusive Remodeling Leads in 2021

Wes Powell | November 25, 2020

When we think about marketing leads, the Holy Grail of leads are ones that are exclusive to our company. Exclusivity, by its very definition, means restricted just to us.

How many times have you had a prospect say, “I’m just talking to you, not to anyone else.” Maybe not too often, but when it happens, it makes you feel good, right? The sale closes easier, and usually satisfaction is greater on both sides.

So how do we go about getting exclusive leads? There are certainly companies out there that are willing to source leads for you and you pay them on a per lead basis (i.e. Home Advisor and Angie's List).

But, typically, those leads are being sold to multiple companies; the leads are not exactly “cold”, but they are not exactly “hot” either! Bottom line, the best way to receive exclusive leads is to develop them yourself.

The idea of developing your own exclusive leads can sound daunting. And, yes, it is hard work. But, once that initial work is put in to develop your lead system, the work to maintain it going forward is much less and the quality of your leads will be much better.

My Experience as an Exclusive Lead

Think about a time that you, personally, were an exclusive lead to a company; you knew that if you were going to buy the goods or service in question, it was going to be from them alone. The only true question was IF you were going to buy; not from whom.

Why was that?

I know that for me, its been when I felt that I had a strong affinity or relationship with the company. Let me give you an example.

My wife and I recently purchased a Peloton indoor spinning bike. Now, there are several other competing brands in this market space.

However, I was not willing to consider them even though they were cheaper. Why? Because I felt that I had a relationship or affinity with Peloton. I had been to their website. I had read their content. I had engaged with them on social media. I had visited their store. I knew of several social influencers that were happy with their Peloton purchases.

I felt the risk was too big to go somewhere else. What was the risk? That I would not get to be part of the Peloton community. We did not buy for over a year from first consideration, but we were an exclusive lead.

If we were going to buy, it was from Peloton. Have you had that experience with a company or brand?

Developing YOUR Exclusive Remodeling Leads

So, let’s discuss how you can do that for your remodeling company.

First, you have to have a good remodeling company and provide a great product and service! You need to have your systems in place in production, customer service, accounting, and warranty.

You need to have strong core values and a good team of people. You must bring the bacon and not just sizzle. However, let’s assume that these things are a given.

You are great, but if the market does not know you, you don’t exist. And today, that means having an incredibly strong web presence. This has been true for several years now, but with the pandemic, it is mandatory.

What creates a strong web presence that helps you build strong relationships with prospects?

  • A home page with a clear statement of who you are, who you serve, and how you do it.
  • Subsidiary pages that focus on discrete service offerings
  • Customer testimonials – both in written and video form
  • An active blog that addresses questions that prospects have about the remodeling process and that position you as an expert and is optimized for key word search terms
  • A beautiful project photo gallery that is optimized for key words search terms
  • Links to your active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms
  • Calls to action that offer up further helpful remodeling information to prospects in the form of guides and resources in exchange for prospect contact information
  • And, an automated system for keeping in touch with prospects that have visited your website

If your website doesn’t have these basics, this is the place to start. From there, you can start to fine tune your engagement techniques, such as targeted email drip systems, newsletters, that allow you to stay in front of the prospect and build the relationship.

If you are diligent and thoughtful in your online approach, you will start to develop your own steady source of exclusive leads.


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