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Wes Powell

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Making Social Media Work for Your Remodeling Business

Trying to maintain a presence on every social network would result in very little remodeling getting done. Concentrating on just one or two social networks, however, and building a good community within them is better than spreading yourself too thin across them all. 

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The Costs of Inbound Marketing for Home Builders and How It Compares to Website Redesign

Inbound marketing can be an expensive strategy to implement, and some might be tempted to consider simply redesigning their website to attract more customers. While this might be effective in the short term, it is impractical to redesign a website whenever it loses its effectiveness. For home builders, it is important to follow inbound marketing best practices to get the most exposure and reach the most customers. The following is an examination and comparison of the costs of inbound marketing and website redesign.

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Increasing Conversions on Your Home Builder Landing Page

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:54:04 AM | Lead Conversion, Home Builder Marketing

For many home builders, the landing page is the backbone of a marketing strategy. Landing pages are a great way of improving search engine rankings and attracting new customers – when done correctly. Is your landing page performing to its full potential?

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Employ Show AND Tell in Your Homebuilding Marketing Mix

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:47:36 AM | Content Marketing, Home Builder Marketing

Employ-Show-AND-Tell-in-Your-Homebuilding-Marketing-Mix.jpgThere are a number of different ways to get the message about your home building business out to prospective clients. Which one works best? That depends both on your specific prospect and on what you’re trying to communicate.

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No “Bull” Homebuilder Marketing: How to Evaluate Your Messaging from a New Perspective

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:43:33 AM | Home Builder Marketing

No-Bull-Homebuilder-Marketing-How-to-Evaluate-Your-Messaging-From-a-New-Perspective.jpgAs a former home builder (and a marketer), I know how easy it is to get so used to a home building marketing message that you aren’t even sure how it sounds to someone else. I know that if I repeat something often enough it eventually sounds “normal” to me. I know what I mean when I use certain words, and it’s easy to assume that the people I’m trying to communicate with understand things exactly as I do.

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