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Wes Powell

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Increasing Conversions on Your Home Builder Landing Page

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:54:04 AM | Lead Conversion, Home Builder Marketing

For many home builders, the landing page is the backbone of a marketing strategy. Landing pages are a great way of improving search engine rankings and attracting new customers – when done correctly. Is your landing page performing to its full potential?

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Employ Show AND Tell in Your Homebuilding Marketing Mix

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:47:36 AM | Content Marketing, Home Builder Marketing

Employ-Show-AND-Tell-in-Your-Homebuilding-Marketing-Mix.jpgThere are a number of different ways to get the message about your home building business out to prospective clients. Which one works best? That depends both on your specific prospect and on what you’re trying to communicate.

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No “Bull” Homebuilder Marketing: How to Evaluate Your Messaging from a New Perspective

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:43:33 AM | Home Builder Marketing

No-Bull-Homebuilder-Marketing-How-to-Evaluate-Your-Messaging-From-a-New-Perspective.jpgAs a former home builder (and a marketer), I know how easy it is to get so used to a home building marketing message that you aren’t even sure how it sounds to someone else. I know that if I repeat something often enough it eventually sounds “normal” to me. I know what I mean when I use certain words, and it’s easy to assume that the people I’m trying to communicate with understand things exactly as I do.

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5 Steps to Launch Your New Home Development with a Bang

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:43:25 AM | Marketing Strategy

5-Steps-to-Launch-Your-Development-with-a-Bang.jpgOnce upon a time, all you needed for a successful launch was a well-written press release. You’d chat with reporters in advance of the big reveal, and then on launch date, you could sit back and watch the news coverage roll in, along with the customers.

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Bigger is Better: Why Content-Heavy Home Builder Websites Do Better

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:42:42 AM | Content Marketing, Home Builder Marketing

We are living in an age of information overload. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. It seems we are always connected. Even the websites we visit are busier, as content-heavy design is becoming the new standard for content marketing. And that’s good news for sites that use online portfolios to show off their work.

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