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Three Remodeling Sales Tools That Will Increase Your Effectiveness

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3-Remodeling-Sales-Tools-That-Will-Increase-Your-Effectiveness.jpgAny remodeler will tell you that having the right tools for the right job can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting the results you want. You don’t drive screws with a hammer. You don’t use a hacksaw on molding, and you don’t use a file to sand a floor.

The same is true with your marketing tools. Having the right tools can make the difference between success and failure.

If you’re a professional remodeler, there’s a good chance that you’re more familiar with the tools of your trade than you are with marketing tools you need to build and expand your business. I get that! But as someone with experience in both of those industries, I wanted to pass on some information that can help you be more effective in your marketing outreach—so that you can demonstrate your skills and abilities in home remodeling.

Here are three remodeling sales tools that have the potential to dramatically improve your marketing effectiveness—and generate more leads and business.


#1 Lead Revisit Alerts 

You’re well aware that if you don’t generate enough leads you’re not going to generate enough business to keep your team busy doing what they need to do—remodeling homes. One of the things your website should be doing is generating leads: prospects that are a good fit for your business who are interested in having you help them. There’s a big difference, however, between someone who visits your website one time to check it out and someone who keeps coming back for more information. Sadly, a lot of remodelers can’t tell the difference. A lead revisit alert lets you know when someone who has visited your website before is back for more information. If someone returns to your website, that means they are motivated to find out more about you. They have qualified themselves as a lead that you need to follow up on. If you don’t recognize that your visitor is a repeat visitor, you’re missing out on an opportunity to talk to a potential customer. If you want to keep track of who has revisited your site, you need to capture those names in the first place.


#2 Email Open Alerts

You may use emails as one method to reach out to potential clients or to reach out to past clients. But do you know how many of the people who receive your emails actually open them? And email open alert can help you identify those recipients who actually open the emails you send. That’s a big indicator of interest. If someone bothered to open (and even read) your email, you’ve found someone who may need a phone call to see what they really want.


#3 Lead Timeline 

How do you know which pages on your website are effective? A big clue is to look at which pages are visited most frequently. A lead timeline can tell you what pages a lead has visited on your website. That tells you a bit about what information your lead is after. For example, if a lead has visited (or revisited) a page about kitchen remodeling, you probably have a pretty good clue that this person is considering a kitchen-remodeling project. That means you can follow up with specific information about kitchen remodeling—or even make a call and ask if there is additional specific information that would be helpful.

Those are just three tools that can help you increase the effectiveness of your remodeling marketing efforts. Click here to take a look at other helpful tools (eBooks, Case Studies, and Webinars/Videos) that can help you succeed at marketing your home remodeling business.

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