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The Costs of Inbound Marketing for Home Builders and How It Compares to Website Redesign

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Inbound marketing can be an expensive strategy to implement, and some might be tempted to consider simply redesigning their website to attract more customers. While this might be effective in the short term, it is impractical to redesign a website whenever it loses its effectiveness. For home builders, it is important to follow inbound marketing best practices to get the most exposure and reach the most customers. The following is an examination and comparison of the costs of inbound marketing and website redesign.

Website Redesign 

While the full benefits of website redesign have been discussed before, a short refresher is helpful in understanding why this is an important issue for home builders. While a home builder’s most effective resume is the homes that he or she has worked on, potential clients may never get the chance to see that resume. An outdated web page can turn clients away before they have a chance to view pictures, reports, or statistics from previous building jobs. If a home builder wants to have an effective presence on the internet, then he or she must make the company website appealing to attract the attention of customers.

Redesigning a web page requires rewriting of content, reformatting of pages, development of new pages, and the labor required to handle all of the website maintenance. It is possible to do a large amount of website redesign in-house, but for high quality work and a fresh perspective, it is wiser to consult with outside professionals.

For a top-of-the-line large website redesign, the cost could be up to $15,000 or higher. This cost may not include website marketing strategy, the content if new content is required, or customized templates. A simple website design that meets a company’s basic needs is likely to be $5,000 dollars at the minimum. Furthermore, a new website may only be effective at drawing customers for a few months before appearing stale and requiring another redesign, costing more money.



Inbound Marketing Strategies

Instead of redesigning an entire website, another option for increasing website effectiveness and generating higher traffic is by implementing inbound marketing strategies. These will not change the appearance of your website, but will change how you interact with customers through the internet.

One important strategy of inbound marketing is engagement. Social media makes this easier than ever before, allowing companies to dialogue with customers in real time and drive positive customer interaction. Social media engagement personalizes your company in a way that will increase web traffic and conversions.

Another way to personalize the company is by posting original blogs. Maintaining an active blog that keeps your clients and prospects informed of your company’s activities and offers occasional information or advice will also raise web traffic and allow you to reach more customers. For a home builder, a blog might be especially useful as it can be used to give site visitors step by step descriptions and photos of the construction process.

The cost of inbound marketing is simply the time and effort needed to adopt new practices. Or if you don't have the time or expertise in-house you can outsource your inbound marketing efforts.  If you're doing inbound marketing the right way, you can expect to spend a minimum of $30,000 per year, but a common range is between $40,000 and $70,000 per year for most home builders.