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3 Clever Social Media Campaign Ideas for Home builders

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One of the really cool things about social media for Home builders is that there are so many different options. When you’re marketing your home building business you can use different media forms to drive home a consistent message.


That’s important because chances are you’re going to need to touch prospects multiple times before you get a response. That’s when being able to do that in slightly different ways or from different perspectives can be a huge plus. Your name and your brand get in front of people multiple times, but in fresh ways.

Here’s a look at three clever social media post ideas that can promote your home building business in unexpected ways—setting you apart from the competition.


Biggest Bathroom Blunders on Facebook

You could do a series of Facebook posts that highlight bathroom bloopers and blunders. Find pictures of poorly designed or executed bathrooms. It could be a combination of stories and/or photos. Invite Facebook followers to comment and submit their own “horror stories.” (Might be a great Halloween time series)


Classiest Kitchen Contest on Twitter

Kitchens are probably the most looked at and talked about room in any new home. You could do a series of posts that highlight some of the best kitchens in homes you’ve built (or even some you haven’t). Ask followers to rank them and then post the results.


Time Lapse Remodel on Instagram

People love time-lapse photography. You could do a series of Instagram posts showing the progress of a home you’re building. Then link it back to your website and talk about important aspects of the building process. This also sends a subtle message about how the process works and how homes really do make progress (and that the end result is really worth it).

If you haven’t mixed up your posts on social media in a while, try one of these fun ideas and let us know how it goes!

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