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Instagram Marketing 101 for Remodelers (how to get started)

Instagram Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Remodeling is a very visual business. I’m not talking about from your perspective as a remodeler—I’m talking about from your prospective clients’ point of view. Let’s face it, you probably have very few potential clients come to you with a set of drawings saying, “Please build this for me!”

3 Clever Social Media Campaign Ideas for Homebuilders

Social Media Marketing

One of the really cool things about social media for Homebuilders is that there are so many different options. When you’re marketing your homebuilding business you can use different media forms to drive home a consistent message.

How to Make A Facebook Event for Your Open Houses (And Why You Definitely Should)

Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Home Builder Marketing

As of 2016, Facebook boasts 1.59 billion monthly active users on its platform.  To put that into more tangible terms, the population of India is roughly 1.252 billion and America is 303 million. So if Facebook were a country, it would be about as large as America and India combined.

So with that in perspective, are you positive you're using Facebook as efficiently as you could be?

Why Home Builders Should Be on Instagram

Social Media Marketing

There are all kinds of platforms for getting your message out to potential homeowners today. Why should Instagram be on your list of resources for reaching home buyers? Here are a few good reasons.

Top 6 Takeaways from the 2018 State of Home Builder Marketing Report

Home Builder Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, State of Home Builder Marketing Report, Inbound Sales for Home Builders, SEO

Our annual State of Home Builder Marketing Report is now available for download and we’ve taken some top insights to help you on your marketing journey. In this blog we divulge the top 6 marketing takeaways from this years report, but the full report features highlighted key findings and our own expert opinions on best practices for home builder marketing.