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BuildZoom for Contractors, Home Builders, and Remodelers

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If you are a contractor, home builder, or remodeler looking for a platform to land more leads, you've probably come across BuildZoom. While BuildZoom is a little lesser known than some competing platforms, we recommend considering the platform to help your company gain more leads. In this blog, we will answer your questions about what BuildZoom is, how much BuildZoom costs, how to make a great BuildZoom profile, and whether your company should utilize BuildZoom!




What Is BuildZoom?

What Is BuildZoom?

BuildZoom is a platform that makes it easier for customers to find the right contractors for their projects. Their platform helps contractors, remodelers, and home builders connect with new clients. BuildZoom makes the pre-construction process quicker, cheaper, and more reliable. Their services can help you focus on the physical project while they will take care of getting your construction company more projects. Head to their website for more details about how BuildZoom works for contractors!


Pros and Cons of BuildZoom



What Are the Pros Being on BuildZoom?

Here are some of the great perks that come with being a contractor on BuildZoom:

  • There is no charge for claiming your company on BuildZoom. You only pay a referral fee if and when you sign a new contract from their platform. 

  • Good reviews from clients on BuildZoom can increase your chance of landing bigger and more profitable projects on the platform. 

BuildZoom ultimately is great way to market your contracting, remodeling, or home building services to potential clients.


What are the Cons of Being on BuildZoom?

While BuildZoom has its benefits, there are inevitably some downfalls.

  • You are charged a 2.5% referral fee when you land a client from BuildZoom. 
  • BuildZoom compiles lists of contractors from publicly accessible data which means there is an abundance of contractors and competition on their platform. 

With these pros and cons in mind, do you think that BuildZoom is worth it? We sure do!


Should Contractors Be on BuildZoom?



Should Contractors Be on BuildZoom?

We have seen a lot of questions like, "Should my company be on BuildZoom?" or, "Is BuildZoom legit?" The answer to both of those questions is yes!

While BuildZoom might not be as prominent as competing platforms, they are definitely legitimate you should claim your contracting business on BuildZoom to ensure that you own your content. BuildZoom is a great way to promote your construction business and earn more clients if you produce high-quality work.


How to Join BuildZoom and Claim Your Business


How to Join BuildZoom

BuildZoom uses publicly available data to add registered contractors, remodelers, and home builders to their platform. This means that you might now have to add your company to BuildZoom, you will just have to claim your business. If BuildZoom does not have your business on their platform yet, you will have to add your business, which you can find more details about below. 


How to Claim Your Business on BuildZoom

Since your company might already be listed on BuildZoom from publicly available data, claiming your business will be simple! You will just have to go to their website here and type in your business name and zip code. Once you find your business, here are some things you should do on your profile: 
    1. Go to buildzoom.com
    2. Click the "Contractor Sign Up" button in the top right corner
    3. Type in your business name and zip code
    4. Claim or add your business

      4a. If your business shows up, click "Claim this business"

      4b. If your business doesn't show up, click "Add your business to BuildZoom" 


    5. Enter your email address to officially join BuildZoom with your company


How Much Does BuildZoom Cost?


How Much Does BuildZoom Cost?

Claiming your business and using BuildZoom is completely free. Once you land a contract from BuildZoom, you will have to pay a 2.5% referral fee. Additionally, they offer an upgraded package which includes advertising on their platform which costs $99/month


Creating a BuildZoom Profile


Creating a BuildZoom Profile

Once you claim your business profile, it is best to update any information that it is missing, verify your contact information, and add some pictures of work that you've done as a portfolio. 

  • Make sure that your business license is up to date! BuildZoom will use public data to verify your license information. 
  • Write a short blurb about your company for the "about" section on your page. 
  • Upload photos from some of your recent projects.
  • Select tags for the types of projects that your company offers.
  • Add your contact information and address. 

BuildZoom Profile Tips


BuildZoom Profile Tips

In order to have success with BuildZoom, you'll need to optimize your profile. BuildZoom offers some advice about how to optimize your profile so you can become one of the best contractors on their platform. You can find this advice here. Some of the best practices are:

  • Respond quickly to potential clients
  • Craft a great proposal with BuildZoom's proposal tools
  • Upload your proposals to BuildZoom so they can help you land jobs 
  • Ask your clients to leave reviews after you complete projects

Getting Leads From BuildZoom Reviews


Getting Leads From BuildZoom Reviews

If you're wondering how many projects you can get from BuildZoom, the answer depends on the reputation you get on BuildZoom from reviews. Reviews from BuildZoom clients can determine your future success with the platform. If you impress your clients and they leave positive reviews, you will have a better chance of landing new leads.


BuildZoom makes it easy to request reviews with a "Get Reviews" tab on your dashboard and providing an email template that you can use to send to all of your past clients. Reviews are one of the factors that determine your BuildZoom Score


What Is a BuildZoom Score?


What is a BuildZoom Score?

BuildZoom gives your company a score which can change over time based on how well you manage your business. BuildZoom Scores (BZ Scores) are used by clients to make an assumption about which contractors are the best, and by the BuildZoom team to help match clients with the best builders for the clients. The following factors contribute to your BuildZoom Score:

  • Business license
  • Communication
  • Experience
  • Reviews

For more information about this and how to improve your BuildZoom Score, check out this page


BuildZoom on Social Media


BuildZoom on Social Media

You can find BuildZoom on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Visiting their social media pages can help you learn more about their platform and interact with them. On Instagram, BuildZoom shares photos from companies who use their platform which can further promote your contracting company. 


Advertising on BuildZoom


Advertising on BuildZoom

BuildZoom offers a subscription to advertise on their platform to gain more exposure. They can promote your company by giving you a sponsored listing on their platform, sending your company to more relevant clients, and strategically placing your company alongside competitors. 


How Do I Remove My Profile From BuildZoom?


How Do I Remove My Profile From BuildZoom?

Since BuildZoom uses public data to find companies, there are only special circumstances that allow for you to remove your profile from BuildZoom such as going out of business. If you have more questions or would like to see if your company meets one of the special circumstances for removal from their platform, email their support center at support@buildzoom.com or head to this page. If you are not happy with the information on your profile, they recommend claiming your business to optimize your profile to fit your needs. 


Final Thoughts on BuildZoomFinal Thoughts on BuildZoom

We hope that this information can help you make the right decision about whether or not to utilize BuildZoom for your contracting, remodeling, or home building company. Overall,  BuildZoom is a great way to help you gain more leads without any up-front costs. Let us know what you think about BuildZoom or if you have any other questions! 



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