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by Builder Funnel

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Home Builder Marketing (5)

2 min read

Tips to Take Great Marketing Photos

Whether it’s your home builder website, blog or printed marketing materials, there’s no denying that you need great marketing photos. The great news is that lately, it’s easier than ever to take pictures anywhere, thanks to smartphones and tablets with...

2 min read

As a Home Builder, Should You Invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Since Google Adwords started back in 2000, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been touted as the best way to gain visibility online. But is it best for homebuilders? That depends, and here’s why: 

2 min read

6 Benefits of Using Paid Social Media to Expand Your Home Builder Reach

The whole point of social media marketing is that it’s free. Isn’t it? Well, yes it is, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way to do it.

2 min read

Inbound Marketing for Builders: How in the World Will Blogging Help Me Sell Homes?

For a number of years we’ve been telling custom home builders and remodelers that having a robust, compelling blog is a critical component for successful marketing in today’s market. And we still have seasoned builders (who have heard their share of...

1 min read

4 Keys To Effective Inbound Marketing Plans For Homebuilders

We all know inbound marketing is essential to survival in today’s competitive home building and remodeling environment. We also know that it’s not easy for small business owners to put together a comprehensive plan that delivers qualified sales leads and...

2 min read

3 Inbound Marketing Tactics To Beat the Summer Remodeling Slump

Summer’s coming. It’s wonderful, but not for business. Not only does everyone get into a vacation mood when the heat hits, but business takes a nose-dive too. In spring 2012, home improvement spending slumped for four consecutive months with an overall...

2 min read

Blogging For Builders And Remodelers: Taking Advantage Of Momentum

If you’re in the home building industry—whether it’s building new custom homes or remodeling existing homes—you constantly hear the well-worn mantra of real estate professionals: “Location, location, location.” When it comes to blogging about building or...


2 min read

How Home Builders Can Follow Up On Leads Using Automated Email

Generating leads is hard work. It’s even harder using them. Home builders and remodelers spend time and money on trade show exhibitions, website content and email marketing to name a few, and all too often those leads simply aren’t followed up because...


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