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by Builder Funnel

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Qualifying Leads SOHBMR 2019

2 min read

21 Home Builder Marketing and Sales Stats in 2019

UPDATE: The 2020 State of Home Builder Marketing Report is now live!


The third annual State of Home Builder Marketing Report is now live and we've pulled some of the top stats to help you with your...

Headshot middle aged man with puzzled face expression and question marks above head looking up isolated grey wall background. Human emotion feeling body language perception problem solution concept

3 min read

Why Educating Customers is Vital for Home Builder Marketing Success

“We don’t need no education; we don’t need no thought control,” goes 1979 hit Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. The trouble is, people do need education, particularly when it comes to topics such as home building.  Let’s face it, not everyone is a...

2 min read

Home Builder Marketing: Too Much or Not Enough?

When you market your home building business, you sometimes walk a fine line between not sharing enough information and sharing too much.

2 min read

5 Ways Small Home Builders Can Use Online Marketing to Compete with the Big Companies

No small home builder can afford to ignore online marketing. Over 94% of consumers research products online before setting foot through their front doors, and that includes people interested in home building or who need building services. The good news...


2 min read

No “Bull” Homebuilder Marketing: How to Evaluate Your Messaging from a New Perspective

As a former home builder (and a marketer), I know how easy it is to get so used to a home building marketing message that you aren’t even sure how it sounds to someone else. I know that if I repeat something often enough it eventually sounds “normal” to...


2 min read

Bigger is Better: Why Content-Heavy Home Builder Websites Do Better

We are living in an age of information overload. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. It seems we are always connected. Even the websites we visit are busier, as content-heavy design is becoming the new standard for content marketing. And that’s good news for...


1 min read

Who Buys a House Online? [and Why Your Website Is Still So Important]

If you’re a home builder, the internet is a fantastic marketing platform for getting you in front of prospective home buyers. It’s flexible, easy to adapt and update and (if used properly) can give you all kinds of opportunities to interact and engage...

2 min read

5 Customer Objections When Buying a New Home...and How To Handle Them

You might be saying to yourself, ‘My customers don’t have objections.’ But the reality is, yes, they do. You just may not realize it because they walk away from the deal without purchasing, and you don’t know why.

2 min read

What Makes for a Good Internet Homebuilder Lead?

If you’re responsible for the marketing that sends leads to your sales team you may have run into the claim from the sales guys that, “Internet leads are no good! They never pan out.”


1 min read

Why Some Home Builders Get All the Good Referrals

We all know how important referrals are in any business. But in the homebuilding business referrals are particularly important. After all, if you’re a builder, you’re in the “trust” business. When it comes to something as personal as a home, people...


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