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21 Home Builder Marketing and Sales Stats in 2019

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UPDATE: The 2020 State of Home Builder Marketing Report is now live!


The third annual State of Home Builder Marketing Report is now live and we've pulled some of the top stats to help you with your marketing and sales in 2019 and 2020. Download the full report to see all the stats and get our expert opinions and advice on where you should be spending your time and effort this year.

Home Builder Marketing Priorities

Generating Traffics and Leads SOHBMR 20191.     79% of home builders say converting leads to customers is their company’s top marketing priority over the next 12 months.

2.     53% of home builders said generating traffic and leads was their top marketing challenge.

3.     Half of respondents primarily conduct inbound marketing while 30% don't know which marketing practice they primarily conduct.

4.     24% of home builders said their biggest impediment to the adoption of inbound marketing is difficult to measure.

5.     91% of home builders use social media as a marketing tactic.

Home Builder ROI & Analytics

Calculating RO! SOHBMR 20196.     35% of home builders said inbound marketing has given their organization a higher ROI.

7.     While 42% of home builders didn't know which marketing approach gave their organization a higher ROI.

8.     42% of home builder marketing managers look at their analytics once a week.

9.     87% of home builders kept or increased their budget in 2019 compared to 2018.

10.   The majority of home builders surveyed, 61%, generated 1-10 leads from their websites each month.

Home Builder Content and Strategy

Paid Advertising SOHBMR 201911.     69% of home builders said their company’s top inbound marketing priority was growing SEO and organic presence.

12.     Half of home builders publish blog very occasionally or never.

13.     38% of home builders publish to social media never, very occasionally, or once per week.

14.     42% of home builders plan to add Facebook video to their marketing efforts in the next 12 months.

15.     35% of home builders plan think paid advertising (print, outdoor, and broadcast) is the most overrated marketing tactic.

Home Builder Sales and CRMs

Qualifying Leads SOHBMR 201916.     36% of home builders said their company’s top sales priority this year is to increase sales.

17.     48% of home builders said their highest quality leads continues to be inbound practices.

18.     36% of home builders said the biggest sales challenge at their company is closing leads.

19.     76% of home builders actively use social media as a sales tool.

20.     18% of home builders don’t use a CRM system.

21.     27% of home builders say their biggest CRM challenge is under usage.


Some stats may not directly apply to your home building business, but they can open your eyes to new possibilities, strategies, and tactics for your home building business. For more stats, key takeaways, and our advice on what and where home builders should be spending their time, money and efforts download the full 2019 State of Home Builder Marketing Report.

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