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How Will Inbound Marketing Help Me Sell Custom Homes?

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Most custom home builders would much rather focus on the actual work of building a home than trying to find potential customers to buy that home. Of course, most builders who have survived previous tumultuous years in the housing industry are well aware of the dangers of trusting in the “If you build it, they will come (and buy it)” philosophy of business.

If you don’t do something to generate leads—qualified leads that bring you sales—you’ll be out of business no matter how good you are with a hammer and saw. But what kind of marketing will actually generate those kinds of leads?

The way people shop for custom homes has changed. Homeowners aren’t content to have some business tell them what kind of home they can have. That “pushy” sales approach simply isn’t effective. Instead, homeowners want to collect the ideas and information they want. Homeowners are pulled into the websites of builders who provide the kind of information they want. That’s the heart and soul of what’s called inbound marketing.

How will inbound marketing help you sell custom homes? By continually providing prospective clients with helpful information that addresses their questions and their needs, you can establish yourself as a trusted expert. You demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about.  And you also show that you’re concerned about what your potential customer really wants (rather than trying to get him or her to buy what you want to sell). You can explore this concept in more detail by downloading our free Inbound Marketing 101 for Builders eBook.

Ah, but does it actually work? We’ve been doing inbound marketing for builders for nearly a decade now, and we can tell you exactly how many custom homes we’ve sold online.

That’s right! We haven’t sold a single house online.

And here’s why: People don’t buy homes online. They do their research online before making their buying decision. On the other hand, we can show you cases studies that show how one builder went from less than 20 leads per month to more than 2,000 leads in just 12 months (and what they actually spent to do it)!

Getting the right potential customers to your website—and having the right content on your website—is the key to getting the leads that are more likely to end up being customers.

How many leads is your website pulling in every month?