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Sealing the Deal: How to Turn Website Visitors into Potential Homebuilding Clients

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Getting lots of visitors to your website won’t do much good if those visitors don’t engage in a way that takes them from being casual browsers to leads to paying clients. The best way of taking visitors by the virtual hand and leading them to your cash register is by including powerful, intriguing or beneficial calls to action. 

The Costs of Inbound Marketing for Homebuilders and How It Compares to Website Redesign

Inbound Marketing, inbound marketing strategies, Website Redesign, homebuilder marketing

Inbound marketing can be an expensive strategy to implement, and some might be tempted to consider simply redesigning their website to attract more customers. While this might be effective in the short term, it is impractical to redesign a website whenever it loses its effectiveness. For home builders, it is important to follow inbound marketing best practices to get the most exposure and reach the most customers. The following is an examination and comparison of the costs of inbound marketing and website redesign.

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