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How to Fix a Terrible Home Builder Website

As a home builder, your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. It’s fast, it’s relatively inexpensive, and it can be incredibly efficient at helping you generate leads for your business.

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What Does Rebuilding Your Homebuilder Website Look Like?

What-Does-Remodeling-Your-Homebuilder-Website-Look-Like.jpgAs a homebuilder, you know that your clients have different reasons for building a new home.

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Is Your Website Generating Leads or Killing Your Homebuilding Business?

Is-Your-Website-Generating-Leads-or-Killing-Your-Business.jpgWe’ve talked before about how a homebuilder’s website can be one of his or her most powerful tools.  Properly set up, your website can generate a lot of qualified leads—leads your marketing team can follow up on and turn over to your sales team.

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Tricks of the Trade: SEO for Home Builders

SEO has changed significantly over the years, creating some difficulties for homebuilders and other businesses building new websites. With the new ranking algorithms, it is more important than ever to include original, quality content.

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How Your Home Building or Remodeling Business Can Benefit from SEO and PPC

You may not be familiar with SEO and PPC, but you should be! They are two of the most powerful traffic generating approaches available for your website. The success of your home building or remodeling business can be impacted by the amount of traffic your website sees, so taking an approach that will boost traffic is key. In this blog, you will learn about SEO and PPC, their benefits, and why you should use them as a part of your marketing strategy.

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