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Tricks of the Trade: SEO for Home Builders

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SEO has changed significantly over the years, creating some difficulties for homebuilders and other businesses building new websites. With the new ranking algorithms, it is more important than ever to include original, quality content.

As recent as this summer, Google quietly made significant changes to local search algorithms, throwing SEO experts and business owners for a loop. The update, nicknamed Pigeon by the SEO world, provides new location and distance ranking parameters. 

Unannounced updates, like Pigeon, are part of the SEO universe, which means it inevitably affects home building businesses. The ever-evolving search engines don’t stay the same for long with new technology and codes pushing change constantly. Home builders should remember a few key SEO techniques, which will help minimize panic and loss of rank in future update frenzies.


Maintain SEO Keyword Relevancy 

Keywords are one aspect of SEO not likely to change with algorithm updates. SEO still depends heavily on content featuring important keywords. For home builders, keywords might be words like remodeling, plumbing, home improvement addition, or new home building contractor. Continue featuring your services in the form of keywords. This will remain a reliable method for maintaining steady search engine rankings. 

Don’t forget to primarily market your content towards readers before focusing on keywords. Be sure to double-check the requirements for keywords to avoid getting penalized by Google for overusing SEO tools. 

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Utilize Social Media

Link building is a crucial aspect of SEO for home builders. To create external links quickly, make sure to link the company website through social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Any external links automatically increase rankings. 

In addition to linking on social media, use social media to remain relevant in the home building community. Start conversations, post fun content, and put effort into posting updates regularly. Potential customers will notice companies who spend time interacting with customers, peers, and other industry leaders. Favorable impressions start on social media. 


Make Sure Google Analytics Is Working Properly

Google Analytics can be difficult to navigate with multiple property IDs. Initially, separating different types of traffic seems like an organizational aid, but eventually the data becomes muddled. To avoid the inconvenience of this confusion, organizing traffic under a single property ID simplifies the information and makes data more manageable. 

Google Analytics is important for tracking the success of your website. Keep tabs on web traffic statistics, effective keywords, and other important SEO factors. Take time to organize the data properly to quickly identify appropriate information for various needs. 


Consider Hiring the Experts 

Home builders interested in perfecting their SEO strategy and improving their rankings should consider hiring an SEO expert to handle their content. From website content optimization to enhanced keyword selections, these individuals are trained to find the most efficient ways to improve home builder marketing strategies to produce outstanding results. 


SEO In the Future

As technology continues to progress in coming years, SEO methods will only become more difficult for home builders to master. In 2014 alone, search engines have undergone substantial changes in algorithms. Understanding the basics helps avoid ranking disasters, but calling on the wisdom of an SEO professional ensures long-term search result success. 

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