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Marketing Agencies and their Promise to Make You “Rank #1 on Google”

SEO for Home Builders, SEO, Local SEO

If you own a remodeling or home building business, then it is extremely likely that you have had a marketing agency call or email you about how they can help you with SEO. They all make similar promises. They will say things like, “Want to rank #1 on Google? We can help!” or “I did a quick search for remodeling companies in your area, and I couldn’t find your business in Google. We can make you rank #1.”

Your Site Should be HTTPS. Here's Why.

SEO, Website Development, Home Builder Marketing

You may have been hearing about ‘HTTPS’ and what it means for the security of your website. We know that all websites are prefaced with an HTTP, but to really understand the switch to HTTPS, we need to start with the basics. What is HTTP? What is HTTPS? And why do we need to switch?

Keeping Up: What’s the Latest in SEO for Homebuilders?

Content Marketing, Contractor Marketing, SEO, Home Builder Marketing

Just 10 months after the last Google algorithm update, Panda 4.2 recently rolled out. It’ll take a while to standardize across the entire web, but some sites are already feeling the pinch. The slow rollout is good news for site owners, because it means you can review your existing content and course correct if you find anything that may damage your rankings. But it’s important to keep pace with what’s going on, if you don’t want your homebuilder marketing to get left behind. 

How to Use the Right Keywords in Your Home Builder Marketing

Keyword Research, SEO, Home Builder Marketing

Google’s Hummingbird algorithm changed the way we use keywords when it put the emphasis on long tail, more conversational search phrases. With search possibilities widened out, all the smaller niches within the homebuilding industry have thousands of keyword possibilities. If you struggled to rank before Hummingbird, targeting long tail keywords that are highly relevant to your personal business and your individual clients should pay dividends. 

Stay SEO Smart: How to Keep Homebuilder Marketing Up-To-Date with Latest Changes

SEO, Home Builder Marketing

SEO appears to be here to stay in the marketing world. However, SEO is tricky because it's constantly evolving. Strategies that worked last year are no longer relevant as a result of Google's changing algorithms. Staying aware of changes in Google algorithms is necessary for maintaining a successful SEO marketing strategy. Recently, Google unexpectedly implemented updates to search engine algorithms, changing the way consumers find businesses. 

This blog is dedicated to providing valuable information to home builders, remodelers, and contractors about inbound sales and marketing. It's full of test, experiments, and ideas from our dedicated team of marketers.

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