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How to Get Attention with an Integrated Marketing Campaign

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Integrated Marketing: you’ve read about it, you’ve heard people talking about it but how does it apply to you and why does it matter? Four primary mediums of marketing that every homebuilding business should take advantage of are: 

How to Create Virtual Tours of Your Projects for Your Homebuilder Marketing

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With the huge popularity of everything visual on the Internet, you can’t afford to ignore the potential of video marketing for your homebuilder business. Just about everyone enjoys armchair traveling, and swanning around swanky new homes while sipping on a latte from the comfort of your own is a fine way to do it. 

Is There Any Point In Using Instagram to Market Your Homebuilding Services?

Instagram, homebuilder marketing, market homebuilding services

Remember the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? Showcasing your building skills in a photographic portfolio is a sure fire way to whet a potential customer’s appetite, and get them drooling over your past and current projects. 

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