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Here's What You Need to Know About Home Builder Email Campaigns

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Email is a very effective marketing method for a top home builder if used properly. Too many emails, and you will be ignored. Too few, and people can too easily forget about you. It can be challenging to strike a happy medium, but learning to use email campaigns wisely is well worth the trouble as it can make your marketing campaign a more effective one.

The average person receives more emails in a day than they care to read. So when developing an email campaign, you must be certain your emails will stand out enough to counter the common inclination to ignore them, which is not always an easy task. Making your emails the kind that people want to open and read is a matter of knowing the right techniques to better engage your readers. 


Emailing Techniques

The first step you will need to take is to develop an organized, up-to-date subscriber list. Once you have your email subscriber list created, use these techniques to encourage a higher response rate. 

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  • Short is better. A good rule of thumb is that the more often you send emails, the shorter they should be. Unless your company is maintaining a home builder's tip of the day, it is usually better to have a maximum 2-3 emails each week – but no matter whether you email more or less frequently, be sure to keep your emails to the point and energetic. If you have a great deal of information to send out at a given point, drafting it into a newsletter attachment can be effective. 

  • Have a clear subject line. Subject lines should be informative, but not too long. You want to give your readers a preview of what is inside in appealing enough terms that they will open the email. Furthermore, be careful which words you use. Many email servers filter out emails with the word "free" in the subject line. To avoid seeing your emails end up in people's spam folders, find an alternative word to get your message across. 

  • Personalize the address. Personalization in correspondence is proven to increase response rates by as much as 50%. Use email drafting software to help you insert individual names into emails. Recipients see this as a more personal approach and are more likely to read your message. Email filters are also less likely to classify your emails as spam when the message is personalized. 

  • Designate an email writer. Having your subscribers hear from the same person in each email is an ideal way to build relationships. Your subscribers will recognize the voice of the writer over time, which helps customers feel as though they know someone personally at your company. Email writers should use a conversational, casual tone to be perceived as more approachable.  

  • Ask questions. Email is a great way to send out casual surveys or to simply gather responses to a certain question. If you have questions about a potential home builder marketing campaign, send out an email with 1-3 questions on the matter. This will encourage conversation, help you make better-informed decisions on your marketing plan, and gather a rough estimate of how many people are engaging with your emails. Another approach is to send a series of easy, multiple choice questions instead of questions that require time-consuming written responses. 

When developing your email campaign, keep in mind the above strategies for the best chance at success.