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Why Integrated Marketing Is Critical To Homebuilders' Inbound Marketing Success

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As a home builder, you understand how the smallest elements of a house are integrated together to create a solid foundation that someone will one day call “home.”

Similarly, your online marketing plan is composed of many important elements that contribute to your success.

Are You Tired Of Struggling To Find Homebuilding Content Marketing Topics?

Home Builder Marketing Blog

Posting content regularly is a great idea, you know that. The challenge is knowing what to post about. You can only say the same old same old so many times, and without major changes to your products or services there’s really nothing new to post about, right?

Wrong! It’s not really that difficult to find topics, if you know where to look. If you’re tired of the constant struggle to find content marketing material, read on! We’re going to show you how to do it.

Save Your Ideas

Ever had the experience where you get a brilliant idea at the oddest times—say, in the middle of the night, while driving to your office or when you’re out on the town

4 Rules For Providing a User-Friendly Proposal To Your Prospective Customer

Home Builder Marketing Blog

So you don’t have an official proposal format. You write your estimate for that remodeling project on the back of a business card, and you accept a verbal confirmation from the client and get on with the job. Why? Because putting together a professional document is so complicated, and you really don’t have time for all that, right?

Actually, it’s pretty simple to produce a user-friendly proposal that helps turn leads into sales, as long as you follow some basic rules. And if you play your cards right, you can make it not only the basis for your customer agreement but an effective education and communications tool in your inbound marketing arsenal.

5 Tips To Make Your Homebuilding Website More Exciting

Home Builder Marketing Blog

Every good website eventually needs to be redesigned to keep up with changing trends and improve your inbound marketing strategy. However, finding ways to keep visitors engaged with your website can be a challenge for many industries, including the homebuilding industry. To make your website more appealing and attractive to potential customers, there are many techniques you can use. With the following five tips, you will be able to enhance your homebuilding website design to be more exciting and increase customer engagement.

1. Offer Varied Content

Your website may offer content to its visitors, but does it offer varied content? Varied content is important to online marketing because it not only engages first-time visitors, but ensures that they become return visitors. Your blogs and articles should provide the custom

Marketing On Instagram: 7 Tips For Homebuilders

Home Builder Marketing Blog

marketing-on-instagram-7-tips-for-homebuildersWhen it comes to inbound marketing for homebuilders, social media can be a powerful tool. One social network that all homebuilders should be taking advantage of is Instagram. A widely popular photo and micro video sharing network, Instagram allows you to share quality images and short video content to further engage with your customers. There are many ways that homebuilders can use Instagram marketing to enhance their social media marketing strategy. With the following seven tips, you can take advantage of all that Instagram has to offer for your marketing strategy.

1. Take Close-Up Shots

On Instagram, unique, high-quality phot

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