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Marketing and Sales Strategies for Home Builders and Remodelers

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2017 Homebuilder Marketing Trends We’re Seeing

homebuilder marketing, Home Builder Leads

At this time of year a lot of your prospective clients are checking out the designer blogs to see what the new trends for homebuilding in 2017 will be. They don’t want to be left behind when it comes to new developments and features that will make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Why Homebuilder Marketing Is a Process Not an Activity

Home Builder Marketing Tips, Home Builder Marketing, Home Builder Leads

When you think about promoting your homebuilding business, do you think primarily of the whole process—or are you more focused on the specific activities? If you’re like a lot of homebuilders, it’s a lot easier to look at specific marketing events or activities. It’s a lot easier to wrap your mind around those things.

What Makes for a Good Internet Homebuilder Lead?

Home Builder Marketing, Home Builder Leads, Inbound Sales for Home Builders

If you’re responsible for the marketing that sends leads to your sales team you may have run into the claim from the sales guys that, “Internet leads are no good! They never pan out.”

Pokemon Go Home: How Homebuilders Can Leverage Pokemon Go

Home Builder Marketing, Pokemon Go, Home Builder Leads

These days it seems like you can’t turn around without running into a Pokemon—or more accurately, without having someone playing Pokemon Go run into you! We couldn’t help but wonder if there might not be an opportunity for homebuilders to promote their businesses.

This blog is dedicated to providing valuable information to home builders, remodelers, and contractors about inbound sales and marketing. It's full of test, experiments, and ideas from our dedicated team of marketers.

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