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Lessons for Homebuilders from a Marketing Agency

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Homebuilders have to be great at building quality homes. It helps if they’re great at marketing and sales too, but not all of them are. It’s okay if you’re not a professional-level marketer. After all, that’s not your core business. However, there are a few things you can learn from and borrow for your homebuilder marketing from a professional marketing agency. Consider adding these to the mix.

9 Best Promotional Products for Homebuilders

Social Media Marketing, homebuilder marketing, builder marketing strategy

Promotional products are a popular choice for a low-cost, fun and easy part of a homebuilder marketing strategy. And because they are likely to be used more than once, they can be great for building your brand and developing customer loyalty.

Twitter's Troubles, and What It Means for Homebuilder Marketing

Social Media Marketing, builder marketing strategy, Inbound Marketing for Home Builders

A few years ago, there were three big social networks: Facebook, Twitter and – for those looking for a professional networking platform – LinkedIn. Fast forward a little, and there are also Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and dozens of others, all vying for a piece of the social pie. It’s probably no surprise that there have been a few issues for some of the sites along the way; what’s unexpected is that both Twitter and LinkedIn are feeling negative effects of our overly social online lives.

How to Google-Proof Your Homebuilder Website

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Anyone who is involved in any way with online marketing has heard the Google horror stories. Sites that were doing well one day suddenly found themselves banished to an invisible corner of the web. Sites that weren’t aware they were breaking rules got hit with penalties.

Online Marketing Checklist for Homebuilders

Social Media Marketing, Website Design, builder marketing strategy

If you’ve stayed on top of homebuilder marketing for the past few years, it has probably been impossible not to see that online marketing, content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing haveovertaken just about every type of traditional marketing by leaps and bounds. If you’re not already on top of your online homebuilder marketing strategy, you can almost certainly use this checklist to get started. Here’s what you need to do:

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