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Marketing and Sales Strategies for Home Builders and Remodelers

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How to Make a Facebook Album Promoting Your Remodeling Project

Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Facebook Marketing for Remodelers

Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for reaching your target audience.  As a remodeling business, you already know by now how important social media marketing is for promoting your business.  But if you're looking for an extra step that will really set you apart, you should consider Facebook albums.

3 Things Remodelers Should Expect from Their Marketing Company

Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing for Remodelers

You may have come to the conclusion that the strengths of your remodeling company lie in actually remodeling someone’s home. You understand the importance of reaching out to new prospects and generating new business, but your “sweet spot” is in doing the remodeling—not generating the leads.

What Online Marketing Metrics Should Your Remodeling Company Look At?

Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing for Remodelers

Home remodelers know the wisdom of the old adage: “Measure twice; cut once.” Accurate measurements are absolutely critical for good remodeling work. The same is true with the marketing efforts to promote your home remodeling business.

Homebuilder Marketing: Reaching Younger Homeowner Prospects

Inbound Marketing, Home Builder Marketing

As a homebuilder, you’ve probably seen the data about the dearth of first-time homebuyers.  In 2015, less than one-third of all homebuyers were first-time buyers. That’s a troubling trend, but there seems to be some good news on the horizon.

How Homebuilders Benefit from HubSpot's Marketing Blog

Inbound Marketing, Home Builder Marketing

You may have heard the old adage (known as Maslow’s hammer),"If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” It almost makes you think Maslow said that with builders in mind!

This blog is dedicated to providing valuable information to home builders, remodelers, and contractors about inbound sales and marketing. It's full of test, experiments, and ideas from our dedicated team of marketers.

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