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How to Find People Who Need Your Remodeling Services Without the Uncertainty of Word of Mouth

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While word-of-mouth and newspaper advertisements have been the go-to marketing method for remodelers for decades, times have changed. What was once friends talking about dreams for their homes and interruptive advertisements in newspapers and magazines, is now helpful content to answer consumer questions, build relationships, and guide consumers toward a trusted source: you!



Why Word of Mouth Isn’t Enough for Your Remodeling Business

Sure, word-of-mouth advertising brings in clients, but is it enough to grow your business? Are there slow times when you have no upcoming jobs and no leads to boot? If so, word-of-mouth advertising probably isn’t enough to propel your business forward, continue to grow your client base and boost your profit. You need more marketing efforts to drive leads, create customers, and produce revenue. That’s where inbound marketing comes in to boost your results.

Where Inbound Marketing Started

With the boom of the internet, consumers have much more power than they had in the past. Before, companies would need to push their services out into the world through advertisements, informing those who were looking for those types of services, but bombarding those who were not even interested in remodeling their homes. This interruptive messaging could damage the relationship between your company and a potential future customer who doesn't need your services now, but who you’ve pushed messaging on too soon. That’s why an internet marketing strategy is a must for your remodeling company.

The new age of marketing and inbound strategies

Where Marketing is at Now

Marketing in a different way is essential to the success of your business. Marketing has shifted as power has moved to the consumer. Consumers can find endless information about remodeling, designs, inspiration, pricing and anything else they once came to your company for without talking to anyone or leaving the comfort of their homes. So, instead of blasting advertisements at consumers that they may not even want, marketing your business should be an online information hub where people who are asking questions on the internet can find answers and get acquainted with your business as a leader in your industry. This strategy is called inbound marketing.

What You Can Do

So, what can you do to beef up your marketing strategies past word of mouth and outbound advertisements? Do what you do best...build!

Build Online Presence

Growing your online presence via social media and website content is crucial to making sure the inbound marketing strategy works for you. Without these components, consumers searching for your services won’t find your company and won’t purchase your services. Having an online presence and marketing strategy is also more cost effective than traditional advertisements. The more significant your online presence, the more people you’ll reach and the better they will remember your brand.

Building relationships

Build Relationships

As your online presence grows, you will start building relationships with consumers in all parts of the buying journey. Be sure to keep the momentum going with consistency in your appearance online to remind those at the top of the buyer's journey of your company and what you can do, and to remind those near the bottom of the buyer’s journey that your company is the best in the industry. Consistency is critical when building relationships online. Even if you only have time to post once a week, remain consistent and you’ll grow your following and the relationships among those who already follow your brand. Building relationships outside of consumers can also help your business. For more information, check out our blog Media Mentions Matter: How to Build Relationships with Reporters.

Build Content

Content is where all the magic happens. Remember earlier in this blog when we discussed how consumers have all the information they could ever need at their fingertips? They do! So the trick is to have your website pages answer consumers’ questions! Content also helps build your online presence and relationships. Content will send readers to your site which will help your company build a reputation as an excellent resource for information in the remodeling industry.

To learn more and get started with inbound marketing visit our Inbound Marketing page.


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