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Marketing and Sales Strategies for Home Builders and Remodelers

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Taking on the Big Guys: How Small Homebuilders are Competing with Larger Builders

Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy

We all love a good underdog story. For you, the story of your small homebuilding business facing off against larger builders is as exciting as it gets. Your marketing budget and limited infrastructure might make you feel like David against Goliath. Fortunately, the internet has given small homebuilders the opportunity to level the playing field with larger companies. How are you playing the game?   

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Bigger IS Better: Why Content-Heavy Homebuilder Websites Do Better

Content Marketing

We are living in an age of information overload. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. It seems we are always connected. Even the websites we visit are busier, as content-heavy design is becoming the new standard for content marketing. And that’s good news for sites that use online portfolios to show off their work.

Single Page Sites: Good or Bad for Homebuilders?

Content Marketing, Website Design, homebuilder marketing

There’s a growing trend toward single-page websites. As the name suggests, these sites are literally one-page websites that provide basic information, usually with a nice design and some compelling copy.

5 Things Homebuilders Can Learn from the 2016 Presidential Race

Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, homebuilder marketing

No matter where you stand on the political issues, and no matter which way you’re planning to vote in this year’s election, there’s no denying that this presidential race has been one of the most entertaining and eye-opening in a long time. We’ve watched surprise frontrunners take the lead on both sides, seen scandalous skeletons come tumbling out of closets (or in some cases, an email server) and in many cases, found ourselves changing our minds along the way.

Jargon: Friend or Foe?

Content Marketing, Website Design, builder marketing strategy

If you’re like most people, you know the jargon unique to your field, you’ve heard it and you might even have used it. This type of industry-specific, technical terminology can be fun to throw around, and it’s almost obligatory when you’re at an industry event, trade show or conference, but what about when you’re dealing with clients?

This blog is dedicated to providing valuable information to home builders, remodelers, and contractors about inbound sales and marketing. It's full of test, experiments, and ideas from our dedicated team of marketers.

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