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6 Blog Topics for Contractors & Remodelers (Plus 15 Headlines to Use)

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As a remodeler or a contractor in the home improvement industry, your clientele is always researching. Researching costs, researching designs, and most importantly, researching YOU. Your blog should adequately reflect you and your business. It should be an informative blend of topics, easily searchable and easily digested. 


As marketers, we know how cumbersome it can be to constantly create and produce content for your blog (hey, give us a call), but we’ve got a few ideas for you to consider next time you’re left staring at a blank computer screen.


1. Featured Projects

Featured projects are a great way to go in depth with a project you’ve completed in the past. By highlighting a particular project you’ve worked on, you can provide additional information about how the project was completed, how you worked together with your client to solve a particular problem and give supplemental information about materials or custom designs.


2. Finance Tips or Cost Pages

When it comes to remodeling your home, the cost is an important factor. Providing blogs that concern the financial aspects of remodeling can help your potential clients make decisions and arm them with pertinent information. You can include information about obtaining financing, or even the average cost of a remodel in your area.


3. FAQ’s

Remodeling a home is not an easy task. It is a demanding process with several moving parts. Creating an article with a list of frequently asked questions is a great way to answer popular questions and keep that information in one place. It can also be used as a reference for clients in the future. Consider questions that pertain to your process in particular, as opposed to the remodeling industry in general.


4. Seasonal Posts

For contractors or remodelers, seasonal posts, such as ‘4 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle when the Temperature Drops’ or ‘9 Maintenance Tips for Spring’ are a great way to tie in the seasons while providing useful information to your potential customers. Not only are you able to provide helpful information, but you’re able to stretch your muscles in an arena you and your team are knowledgeable in.


5. Posts About You!

Personal blog posts are an excellent way to show the human side of your business. Posts like these can include anything from a team member spotlight to a post on company culture. You can use this space to highlight your company values or share information about the charities you support in the community.


6. Trends

If you are a company that employs designers, blog posts expanding on current trends are a great way to stay relevant and provide additional context for a customer who may be researching the idea. Whether the latest trend is Farmhouse Style or bringing back the 70’s, your blog will stay relevant and help provide a professional context on the latest trends.

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15 Blog Headlines to Use for Your Business


“4 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle this Winter”

“Get the Exterior of Your Home Ready for the Holidays”  

“Is Your Family Ready for a Remodel?”

“3 Steps to Take While Preparing for a Remodel”

“The 3 Features Your Home Remodel Needs”

“What We Know About Design Trends in 2018”

“Meet the Design Team”

“The Jones Company Takes Home Coveted Remodeler of the Year Award”

“Determining Your Budget During a Remodel”

“What is the Cost of Remodeling Your Kitchen in Denver?”

“Additions: Built Out or Build Up?”

“What Does it Cost to Build an Addition to Your Denver home”


“ROI of a Kitchen Remodel in Denver”

“Here’s How to Finance a Remodel in Denver”

“Pinterest is a Great Communication Tool. Here’s Why”


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