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AdWords Tricks Homebuilders Can Use to Boost Traffic

Online Marketing, branding, homebuilder marketing

If you are looking for ways to boost your building business’s online exposure, then you might have considered PPC, or more specifically, AdWords. You might have done a little research, or tried it out a little, and decided that it was too costly or difficult to use this type of advertising as a part of your online marketing strategy.

Joining the Club: What Other Construction Marketing Professionals Are Doing in 2015

Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, branding, Construction Marketing

Marketing is a necessary even for homebuilding contractors, and more business owners are realizing this than ever before. Results of a 2015 national survey by the Construction Marketing Association show that marketing is high on the list of “must-haves” for the year, with 92.5% of respondents indicating they were planning to increase activities.

How Important is a Recognizable Logo to Your Homebuilder Marketing?

branding, homebuilder marketing, logo design

Have you worked hard to build your homebuilder brand, but you aren’t seeing much in the way of customer loyalty? Your logo could be part of the problem! This design element is often the first impression the public has of your business. It gives you a public face and acts as a visual representation of the way you want your target audience to see you. This makes it vital that your logo is clearly recognizable and memorable, so your clients have no difficulty remembering it.

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