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10 Branding Ideas for Home Builders

Spencer Powell | November 27, 2018

Branding is just as important for home builders as it is for any other company. To succeed in an ever noisier marketplace, builders need to create a brand that’s instantly recognizable, tells the world what they do, and is consistent across multiple marketing platforms. Here are our top tips for better home builder branding:

1. Look at your logo. Does it instantly say home builder to you? Does it inspire trust? Those are important to successful home builder branding, so if you answered no, then it may be time to redesign your logo.


2. Consider writing a tag line of you don’t already have one. Think about the Nike “just do it” tagline, or “built Ford tough.” Those words are almost as recognizable as the logos themselves, and can be useful when you can’t use graphic branding.


3. Choose corporate colors and stick to them. Color can be just as important to your brand as design. Think about Coke’s classic red, and CAT’s bright yellow. They’re as recognizable as the logo itself.


4. Design your website (or redesign your existing website) around your new logo and your new corporate colors. Keep to the same family of shades and stylistic feel of your logo design for a consistent look that screams attention to detail. After all, that’s an important trait for homebuilders!


5. If you don’t already have consistent, uniform social media logos and banner images across all of your social media platforms, make sure that you redesign them to match your logo and your website. Again, branding is about consistency and creating a recognizable brand.


6. Make sure that your printed marketing materials, like business cards, invoices, letterheads and brochures all share the same look, feel, logo, tagline and graphics as your website and social media platforms.


7. Invest in corporate clothing for sales staff as well as field crews. Seeing your brand in the real world will reinforce what you are creating in printed and online marketing materials, and goes a long way to creating a brand that is a household name.


8. Use content marketing to create a reputation as an expert in your field and area.


9. Use local SEO and targeting by geography to narrow your online marketing focus to areas where you regularly work. You want the people who are your potential customers to know who you are – not people on the other side of the world.

10. Put a face to the brand. Thought leaders or brand ambassadors put a human face on your home building company. Home building clients want to know that they’re dealing with real people, and with experts in their field, and using real people to market your brand online and off can go a long way to establishing that reputation.


It’s important to spend time creating the right brand identity and message for your building company. Once you have done that, the most important things are consistency, and making sure that you get your brand out there as much as possible. The more your brand images and message are seen, the more recognizable you will become, and when that happens, people will automatically contact you when they need construction services.

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Topics: Business Management, Graphic Design