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Best Construction Blogs & Magazines to Read in 2021

Steven Fielding | Mar 4, 2021 11:06:26 AM | Blogging

One of the best ways to stay up to date of the latest news and trends that impact the construction industry is by reading relevant magazines and blogs. In this blog, we have 10 sites that we think are the best construction blogs and magazines. You can read all of these as resources to gather marketing advice, hear about the newest construction technology and products, and read about the best in the business. Check out our recommendations below!


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6 Blog Topics for Contractors & Remodelers (Plus 15 Headlines to Use)

Taylor Rennick | Sep 17, 2019 10:08:00 AM | Content Marketing, Branding, Blogging

As a remodeler or a contractor in the home improvement industry, your clientele is always researching. Researching costs, researching designs, and most importantly, researching YOU. Your blog should adequately reflect you and your business. It should be an informative blend of topics, easily searchable and easily digested. 

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What's the Point of a Homebuilding Blog?

Wes Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:42:31 AM | Blogging, Home Builder Marketing

Whats-the-Point-of-a-Homebuilding-Blog_.jpgA few years ago, comedienne and TV host Ellen DeGeneres had a best-selling book with the title, “My Point . . . and I Do Have One” that rambled on (rather hilariously) about a bunch of unrelated topics.  At the same time, comedian Jerry Seinfeld was on top of the TV world with his brilliant “show about nothing.” Funny people, it would seem, can make tons of money without making a point.

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257 Effective Home Builder Blog Topic Ideas

If you are a home builder or run marketing at a home building company, blogging can be one of the most important and effective marketing strategies to implement. But how can you make sure you blog consistently every month, every year, and beyond without running out of ideas?

Don't sweat it! We have 257 blog topic ideas (yes, 257!) that you can use for free! We also have another list of 8 common home builder blog ideas that go more in depth into how to use each idea. 

Never run out of topics again! Now let's dive in:

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