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257 Effective Home Builder Blog Topic Ideas

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If you are a home builder or run marketing at a home building company, blogging can be one of the most important and effective marketing strategies to implement. But how can you make sure you blog consistently every month, every year, and beyond without running out of ideas?

Don't sweat it! We have 257 blog topic ideas (yes, 257!) that you can use for free! We also have another list of 8 common home builder blog ideas that go more in depth into how to use each idea. 

Never run out of topics again! Now let's dive in:



Before We Start

Before we give you all the topics, consider these short codes when coming up with blog topics.

  1. [YEAR] - This is the year the blog post is being written. Blog posts with a year in them can be updated year-after-year and will induce the compound effect! The longer the post is published and the more times you update it, the more powerful it will become and the more traffic you will get!
  2. [LOCATION] - This stands for any location you are trying to target or in which your business is located. For example, your location could be a small town like "Boulder, Colorado" or a large city like "New York City". It could be a state like "Pennsylvania" or a region like "Napa Valley". Do your research in advance to find the best locations you want to target!
  3. [REGION] - Use region name (Examples: The Poconos, Jersey Shore, The Front Range, etc.) when describing towns or other places or things within that region.
  4. [TOWN NAME] - The name of the town you want to focus on.
  5. [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] - The name of the neighborhood you want to focus on.
  6. [SEASON] - Refers to spring, summer, fall, or winter. It can also refer to another "season" specific to your location. For example, you may have "boating season" if you live near water.
  7. [PRICE] - An exact monetary value.
  8. [YOUR COMPANY] - Your company name.
  9. [FLOOR PLAN NAME] - The name of a floor plan you're highlighting.
  10. [YOUR HOME] - The address of the home you're promoting.
  11. [FAMILY NAME] - The name of the family you're mentioning.
  12. [AWARD] - The name of an award you won.
  13. [CAUSE/CHARITY] - The cause or charity you're mentioning.
  14. X - Stands for any number.

Local Influence Blog Topics

As a local home builder, we always recommend talking about your area. It may not always be directly related to home building, but it will be helpful to your prospective buyers, set you up as a local influencer, and give you the opportunity to pivot into your message within each blog post!

  1. The Best [YEAR] Winter Events in [LOCATION] 
  2. The Best [YEAR] Spring Events in [LOCATION] 
  3. The Best [YEAR] Summer Events in [LOCATION] 
  4. The Best [YEAR] Fall Events in [LOCATION] 
  5. The Best Winter Getaways near [LOCATION]
  6. The Best Spring Getaways near [LOCATION]
  7. The Best Summer Getaways near [LOCATION]
  8. The Best Fall Getaways near [LOCATION]
  9. X Winter Activities in [LOCATION]
  10. X Spring Activities in [LOCATION]
  11. X Summer Activities in [LOCATION]
  12. X Fall Activities in [LOCATION]
  13. A Local's Guide to [LOCATION] Restaurants
  14. A Local's Guide to [LOCATION] Hospitals
  15. A Local's Guide to [LOCATION] Shopping
  16. A Local's Guide to [LOCATION] Coffee Shops
  17. The Best Farmer's Markets in [LOCATION]
  18. Where to Go Hiking in [LOCATION]
  19. Where to Go Boating in [LOCATION]
  20. The Best [YEAR] Black Friday Deals in [LOCATION]
  21. Small Towns You Must Visit in [LOCATION]
  22. X Day Trips near [LOCATION]
  23. [LOCATION] Living - What's Within Driving Range?
  24. Commuting from [LOCATION] to [LOCATION] - The Essential Guide
  25. X Fun Facts about [LOCATION] History
  26. Where to Work If You Live in [LOCATION]
  27. Best Companies to Work for in [LOCATION]
  28. The Best Lakes in [LOCATION]
  29. The Best Beaches in [LOCATION]
  30. The Best Schools in [LOCATION]
  31. The Best Colleges and Universities in [LOCATION]

You might be saying "Steven, none of the blog topics above have anything to do with home building." This may be true on the outside, but you can pivot into your home building services within the blogs! For example, you're talking about local getaways on Lake Michigan. At the end, you can say something like "Do you love Lake Michigan? Have you ever thought about moving to the lake or building a vacation home near your favorite spots? We can help!" Then you go into what you can do for them. 

Finally, you will super-charge your traffic by writing these types of posts. Why? Because people are searching for these things every single day. Right now, Yelp and other big companies own those conversations. Let's put the power back in a local's hands! Start talking about your local community today, enjoy the results, and help your neighbors live better lives in your area!


Local Living Blog Topics

Above, we provided many local-related topics. Now, let's get a bit more specific. Here are few topics to write on that combine local influence with home-related subjects.

  1. The Best Movers in [LOCATION]
  2. How to Avoid Traffic when Moving to [LOCATION]
  3. Where to Live in [LOCATION]
  4. The Best Neighborhoods in [LOCATION]
  5. Neighborhood Spotlight - [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME]
  6. [REGION] Town Spotlight - [TOWN NAME]
  7. X Tips for First Time Homebuyers in [LOCATION]
  8. X Tips for Building a Home in [LOCATION]
  9. How to Find a Lot in [LOCATION]
  10. Selecting a [LOCATION] Building Lot - The Complete Checklist
  11. Where to Build a Home in [LOCATION]
  12. X Things You Need to Know Before Building a Home in [LOCATION]
  13. The Best Plumbers in [LOCATION]
  14. The Best Electricians in [LOCATION]
  15. The Best Landscaping Companies in [LOCATION]
  16. The Best Painters in [LOCATION]
  17. The Best Contractors in [LOCATION]
  18. The Best Home Builders in [LOCATION]
  19. X [LOCATION] Stores You Need to Visit for Decorating Your Home
  20. Should I Live in [LOCATION]?
  21. Should I Retire in [LOCATION]?
  22. X Reasons to Move to [LOCATION]
  23. X Benefits of Living in [LOCATION]
  24. [LOCATION] Property Tax - Here's What You Need to Know
  25. How Much Does It Cost to Install a Pool in [LOCATION]?
  26. How Much Does Landscaping Cost in [LOCATION]?
  27. Where to Build a Vacation Home in [LOCATION]?
  28. The Best Spots to Build an Investment Property in [LOCATION]
  29. How to Prepare Your [LOCATION] Home for Winter?
  30. How to Prepare Your [LOCATION] Home for Summer?
  31. How to Prepare Your [LOCATION] Home for Spring?
  32. How to Prepare Your [LOCATION] Home for Fall?
  33. Why Living in [LOCATION] is Great for Kids
  34. X Reasons Families are Moving to [LOCATION]
  35. X Beautiful Homes in [LOCATION]
  36. X Beautiful Neighborhoods in [LOCATION]
  37. X Beautiful New Homes in [LOCATION]
  38. The Best Local Furniture Stores in [LOCATION]
  39. [LOCATION] Named One of the Safest Towns
  40. [LOCATION] Named in the Top X Towns in [LOCATION]


Home Building Blog Topics

All right! How are you feeling? Overwhelmed yet? There's so many blog topics and so little time! 

But don't skip out yet! These are the essential blog topics directly related to the home building industry. While these blog topics don't have as much "ranking" potential, they will greatly help your audience that finds your blog via search, receives your newsletter, or communicates with your sales team.


Floor Plan Blog Topics

Floor plans are important when building a home. Here are few blog topics to help educate your audience on the subject.

  1. What Home Floor Plan is Right For Me?
  2. How Wide Should My Hallways Be?
  3. How Big Should My Garage Be?
  4. What Is the Perfect Size for a Master Bedroom?
  5. Should I Connect My Living, Dining, and Kitchen Areas?
  6. X Pros and Cons of a Finished Basement
  7. Open Concept vs. The Traditional Floor Plan
  8. Creating Zones With Different Flooring
  9. Contemporary Floor Plans You Need to See
  10. Should I Build a Single-Story Home?
  11. Can I Make Adjustments to My Floor Plan?
  12. Should I Add It Now or Add an Addition Later?
  13. Featured Floor Plan - [FLOOR PLAN NAME]
  14. X Steps to Evaluating a Home Floor Plan
  15. Master Bedroom Locations - Pros and Cons
  16. Where Should I Put My Laundry Room?
  17. The Multi-Purpose Garage - What It Looks Like
  18. What's the Best Floor Plan for a Family?
  19. [FLOOR PLAN NAME] - Our Most Popular Floor Plan?
  20. A Detailed Look at [FLOOR PLAN NAME]

Material-Based Blog Topics

Materials, materials, materials. They are what the home is made of; they influence the cost of everything; and can mean the difference between ugly and beauty. Here are some material-related blog topics you should consider writing on!

  1. X Flooring Materials to Consider for Your Living Room
  2. X Flooring Materials to Consider for Your Kitchen
  3. X Flooring Materials to Consider for Your Bathroom
  4. X Kitchen Cabinet Types to Consider
  5. Should You Build a Deck or a Patio?
  6. What's the Deal with Imitation Hardwood
  7. The Most Affordable Countertop Material
  8. X Countertop Materials to Consider in Your Kitchen
  9. What Are the Best Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Home?
  10. Should I Use Spray or Regular Insulation?
  11. What are the Best "Green" Materials to Use in My Home Build?
  12. X Materials that Hold Up With Years of Wear-and-Tear
  13. What's the Best Material to Use for Kitchen Cabinets?
  14. The Most Cost-Effective and Beautiful Materials to Use in Your New Home

Interior Design & Decorating Blog Topics

Interior design has always been a hot topic. Everyone wants to know how to decorate their home. These posts are great for driving traffic to your website using your email newsletter or social media posts!

  1. X Home Decorating Tips for [SEASON]
  2. X Things to Include in Your Living Room
  3. X Things to Include in Your Dining Room
  4. X Things to Include in Your Master Bedroom
  5. X Things to Include in Your Hall Bath
  6. X Things to Include in Your Master Bathroom 
  7. X Things to Include on Your Patio or Deck
  8. Trendy vs. Timeless - How to Strike a Balance
  9. The Living Room Checklist - What You Need to Get
  10. The Bathroom Checklist - What You Need to Get
  11. The Master Bedroom Checklist - What You Need to Get 
  12. The Kitchen Checklist - What You Need to Get
  13. X Interior Designs Inspired by Travel
  14. Should You Hire an Interior Designer?
  15. [YEAR] Trends in Interior Design
  16. [YEAR] Trends in Home Building
  17. What's In and What's Out with Paint Colors
  18. What's the [YEAR] Color of the Year?
  19. The Complete Guide to Decorating Your Home for the Holidays
  20. Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving - X Tips
  21. X Home Decorating Tips to Follow Every Time
  22. How to Organize Your Walk-In Closet?
  23. X Tips for Decluttering Your Home
  24. Minimalism - Is It Right for You?
  25. X Kitchen Styles to Consider for Your Home
  26. X Bathroom Styles to Consider for Your Home
  27. X Interior Themes to Consider for Your Home
  28. How to Create the Ultimate Home Office
  29. How to Create the Best Guest Suite Oasis in Your Home
  30. Wallpaper Dos and Don'ts
  31. How to Organize My Kitchen Pantry
  32. Make Any Room Look Better with These X Things
  33. What to Do With the Extra Room in Your House
  34. X Gorgeous New Homes in [LOCATION]
  35. X Beautiful Living Rooms in [LOCATION]
  36. X Amazing Master Suites in [LOCATION]
  37. X Inspiring Bathrooms in [LOCATION]
  38. X Lovely Outdoor Spaces in [LOCATION]
  39. How to Really Clean Your Carpets
  40. How to Clean Concrete Countertops
  41. X Tips for Cleaning Granite Countertops
  42. Carpet vs. Hardwood - Which One Is Right for You?
  43. How to Keep Hardwood Nice for Years to Come
  44. How to Really Achieve a Hypoallergenic Home
  45. How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home
  46. Your Home Aesthetic - X Themes That You May Identify With
  47. How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Space
  48. The First X Things to Buy After Moving into a New Home

Aging-in-Place Blog Topics

If you're not talking about aging-in-place, retirement, or universal design, you're missing out on a huge portion of the market! If you want to reach people that likely have the budget for a build and need guidance in creating their forever homes, write these blog topics.

  1. Aging-in-Place Features You Must Have in Your New Home
  2. What is Universal Design, and Why Does It Matter?
  3. X Things to Live Near When Retiring
  4. Retired-Inspired Design - X Tips for Designing Your Forever Home
  5. X Tips for Retiring in a Two-Story Home
  6. Why You Need Single Story Living
  7. How to Evaluate What You Really Want in a Home?
  8. How to Stay in Your Home Longer - X Things You Need to Add
  9. Should I Build a New Home or Remodel My Existing Home When I Retire?
  10. X Must-Have Home Features for Retirees
  11. How to Retirement-Proof a Two Story House
  12. How to Create an In-Law Suite in Your New Home?
  13. What You Should Get Rid of When Downsizing
  14. Should I Downsize my Home?
  15. Should My Parents Move In With Me?
  16. No Lips, No Falls - How to Create a "Seamless" Home
  17. Multi-Generational Homes - Why a Larger Home May Make Sense

General Home Building Blog Topics

Here are a few general home building blog topics including common questions, things to avoid, and more!

  1. X Things to Avoid When Building a Home
  2. X Questions to Ask Before Building a New Home
  3. The Best New Home Features for Pets
  4. X Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Pets
  5. X Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Kids
  6. How to Find the Best Contractor - The Essential Checklist
  7. How to Sell Your Existing Home to Buy a New Home?
  8. What Are the First X Things to
  1. X Tips for Evaluating Home Builders
  2. X Questions to Ask Your Home Builder
  3. How Long Does It Take to Build a New Home?
  4. Home Upgrades - What to Add Now, and What to Add Later?
  5. X Features to Enhance Your [LOCATION] Home
  6. When Should I Build My Home?
  7. Am I Ready to Build a Home - The Essential Checklist
  8. X New Years Resolutions for Your Home
  9. Should I Use a Local or National Home Builder?
  10. Is Bigger Really Better? How Big Should Your Home Be
  11. Are You Covered? Understand the New Home Warranty
  12. Should I Build in a Community or on My Own Lot?
  13. Should I Build a New Home or Buy an Existing Home?
  14. X Reasons to Build a New Home
  15. X Reasons to Buy an Existing Home
  16. Building a New Home vs. Buying an Existing Home - Which One (Really) Is Cheaper?
  17. Demystifying Home Value - What Is Your Home Actually Worth?
  18. A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a New Home
  19. X Common Frustrations You Will Run Into When Building a Home
  20. X Ways to Know If You're Ready to Buy a New Home
  21. Should My Kids Have Their Own Bathrooms?

Home Cost-Related Blog Topics

Cost is probably the most important factor when someone is thinking about building a new home. Your competitors already know how much you charge. People can figure it out. You either own the cost conversation or you don't. If you want to drive the conversation, these are the topics for you!

  1. How to Create a Luxury Home on a Budget?
  2. How to Prevent Scope Creep When Building a New Home?
  3.  X Things to Include in Your New Home's Kitchen - And X Things to Cut
  4. How to Pay for Your New Home - X Options
  5. X Tips for Financing Your New Home
  6. How Much Does a Lot Cost in [LOCATION]?
  7. How Much Does a New Home Cost in [LOCATION]?
  8. X Factors that Influence the Cost of Your [LOCATION] Home?
  9. How Much Could Delays Cost You When Building a New Home?
  10. How to Avoid Costly Mistakes When Building a New Home
  11. X Home Building Mistakes, and What They Could Cost You
  12. The Most Expensive Rooms in a New Home Ranked
  13. The Best New Home Deals in [LOCATION]
  14. Featured Home - [YOUR HOME] [PRICE]
  15. X Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Existing Home
  16. X Places Homeowners Overspend on a New Home
  17. How to Maximize the Value of Your Home Before Selling It
  18. [LOCATION] Real Estate Tax - How Much Will You Pay?
  19. How HGTV Creates Unrealistic Expectations for Building a Home 
  20. The [LOCATION] New Home Cost Calculator
  21. [LOCATION] Mortgage Calculator
  22. Pros and Cons of Different Mortgage Terms in [LOCATION]
  23. Weighing Cost vs. Value when Building a New Home
  24. How to Find an Affordable Home in [LOCATION]
  25. Surprising Places Your Home May Cost More
  26. How to Budget for a New Home
  27. X Ways New Homes Are Better

Energy Efficiency / Green Building Blog Topics

This is another hot topic in the home building space right now. Everyone wants to save money on energy! If you can help the environment in the meantime, that's another plus! Write these blog topics to appeal to your environmentally-conscious audience and those interested in saving money in the long run.

  1. How to Build an Energy Efficient Home
  2. How Smart Should My Home Be?
  3. X Energy Efficient Materials to Use in Your New Home
  4. [YEAR] Trends in Energy Efficiency
  5. Wind Power - Does It Make Sense for a Single-Family Home?
  6. What's The Deal With Solar Power?
  7. Will Alternative Energy Sources Actually Save You Money?
  8. Attic Fans - Do I Need One?
  9. Going Green - How to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly
  10. The Futuristic Home - Here's What's Coming
  11. Net Zero - What Is It, and How to Achieve It?
  12. The Best Websites on Green Building
  13. The Best Websites on Energy Efficiency
  14. Save Money with these X Easy Energy Efficiency Hacks

Social Proof Blog Topics

Now's the time to shine! In our social proof section, we provide topics on case studies, awards, and more. Learn how to highlight your company so your prospects can see you're the best choice for their home build!

  1. This [LOCATION] home only cost [PRICE]
  2. Meet the People Behind [YOUR COMPANY]
  3. Employee Spotlight - [EMPLOYEE NAME], [EMPLOYEE TITLE]
  4. A First Time Homebuyer Story - What It Was Like Working With [YOUR COMPANY]
  5. The Unusual Story of the [FAMILY NAME] Home
  6. Video Testimonial - [FAMILY NAME]'s [LOCATION] Home
  7. X Honest Reviews about [YOUR COMPANY]
  8. All [YOUR COMPANY]'s Ratings 
  9. How to Determine If You Can Trust Your Home Builder
  12. X Reasons to Use a Local Builder in [LOCATION]
  13. Why Our Customers Chose [YOUR COMPANY], and What Made Them Stay
  14. How [YOUR COMPANY] Gives Back to [LOCATION]
  15. Where [YOUR COMPANY] Works
  16. The Future of [YOUR COMPANY] - Here's What's Coming
  17. Celebrating X Years in Business



Are you overwhelmed by all these blog topics? I would be, and I wrote this post! There are so many. Where could you possibly start? 

Before we part ways, here's 3 tips for getting started with your home building blogging strategy:

1. Start with the most important questions.

Take the questions you get asked most from your prospects and customers and create blog content around that. 

2. Realize you can't hide anything.

Cost, competitor data, reviews, ratings, options - anything you may have tried to hide from a prospect in the past, they can access within a few seconds via Google. Don't hide in the shadows. Share everything, and be the first to show them who you really are.

3. Be consistent.

This is probably the most important tip I can give you. If you write one blog post, that won't be enough no matter how good it is. Don't let "best" get in the way of "good". Get on a schedule, and write consistently. Our clients that have been blogging weekly for multiple years get 2x, 4x, and even 10x or more traffic than any of their competitors. How does that sound?!?!

Work with Builder Funnel

I hope you enjoyed these blog topic ideas for home builders. If you have any questions or other ideas to contribute, I'd love to hear from you! Simply leave a comment below with your feedback; we answer everyone!

Lastly, if all this blogging stuff seems too overwhelming or if you love the concept but don't have the time, Builder Funnel is here for you. We've helped clients all over the United States and Canada create highly-targeted, carefully-curated blog content on a monthly basis.

Within a few months, most of our clients have doubled or tripled traffic to their blogs. After a year and beyond, many of our clients enjoy thousands (yes, thousands!) of new website visitors every month! If you're interested, simply click here to schedule a meeting!

Cheers for now, and I wish you luck in your blogging journey!


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