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Steal these 212 Remodeling Blog Topic Ideas

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If you are a remodeler or run marketing at a remodeling company, blogging can be one of the most important and effective marketing strategies to implement. But how can you make sure you blog consistently every month, every year, and beyond without running out of ideas?

We got you! Here are 212 remodeling blog topic ideas (yes, 212!) that you can use for free so you never run out of topics again! Now let's dive in:



Before We Start

Before we give you all the topics, there's something we need to ask: do you have a blogging strategy? Having 212 remodeling blog topics is great, but it's even more important to know how to strategically use them to create a sales-generating content funnel. 

How to Improve Your Remodeling Blog Strategy [Youtube video]

Before you dive head first into our detailed list of remodeling blog topics, watch our YouTube video that explains how you can build a blog strategy to see sustainable results!


Blog Key Codes

Consider these codes as you go through our remodeling blog topics.

  1. [YEAR] - This is the year the blog post is being written. Blog posts with a year in them can be updated year after year and will benefit from a compound effect! The longer the post is published and the more times you update it, the more powerful it will become and the more traffic you will get!
  2. [LOCATION] - This stands for any location you are trying to target or in which your business is located. For example, your location could be a small town like "Boulder, Colorado" or a large city like "New York City". It could be a state like "Pennsylvania" or a region like "Napa Valley". Do your research in advance to find the best locations you want to target!
  3. [REGION] - Use region name (Examples: The Poconos, Jersey Shore, The Front Range, etc.) when describing towns or other places or things within that region.
  4. [TOWN NAME] - The name of the town you want to focus on.
  5. [YOUR COMPANY] - Your company name.
  6. [EMPLOYEE NAME] -The name of the employee you're mentioning.
  7. [EMPLOYEE TITLE] - The role title of the employee you're mentioning.
  8. [FAMILY NAME] - The name of the family you're mentioning.
  9. [AWARD] - The name of an award you won.
  10. [PROJECT] - The name of your remodeling project.
  11. [CAUSE/CHARITY] - The cause or charity you're mentioning.
  12. X - Stands for any number.

Local Influence Blog Topics

As a local remodeler, we always recommend talking about your area. It may not always be directly related to remodeling, but it will be helpful to your prospective customers and set you up as a local expert!

  1. Must-See Cities in [LOCATION]

  2. Local Businesses to Shop At in [LOCATION]

  3. Local POC-Owned Businesses to Shop At in [LOCATION] 

  4. The Top Lakes in [LOCATION]

  5. The Top Beaches in [LOCATION]

  6. The Top Restaurants in [LOCATION]

  7. X Best [LOCATION] Restaurants to Try This Weekend 

  8. Top Rated Schools in [LOCATION]

  9. Top Country Clubs in [LOCATION]

  10. [LOCATION] X Best Golf Courses 

  11. X Fun Facts About [LOCATION] History 

  12. Our Favorite Winter Activities in [LOCATION] for Families

  13. Our Favorite Summer Activities in [LOCATION] for Families

  14. Our Favorite Spring Activities in [LOCATION] for Families

  15. Our Favorite Fall Activities in [LOCATION] for Families

  16. What It’s Like Living in [LOCATION]

  17. X Things to Do This Winter in [LOCATION]

  18. X Things to Do This Summer in [LOCATION]

  19. X Things to Do This Spring in [LOCATION]

  20. X Things to Do This Fall in [LOCATION]

  21. X Best [LOCATION] Hiking Trails

  22. Fun Things to Do in [LOCATION]

You might be thinking that some of the above blog topics don't have anything to do with remodeling. This may be true on the outside, but on the inside, you can mention your remodeling services! For example, you're talking about local activities in Chicago. In the end, you can say something like "Do you enjoy being in Chicago? Have you ever thought about moving to the Windy City or building a vacation home near your favorite activity spots? We can help!" Then you go into what you can do for them. 

Finally, you will increase your website traffic by sharing these types of blog posts. Why? Because people are searching for these things every single day. Start writing about your local community and help your neighbors explore more in your area!


High-Value Remodeling Blog Topics

Above, we provided many local-related topics. Now, let's get a bit more industry-specific. Here are a few topics to write on that combine local keywords with remodeling topics.

  1. The Best Remodelers in [LOCATION]

  2. Home Remodeling Trends in [LOCATION]

  3. Top Remodeling Ideas for [LOCATION] Outdoor Living Spaces 

  4. X Things You Need to Know Before Remodeling a Home in [LOCATION]

  5. X Tips for Remodeling a Home in [LOCATION]

  6. [REGION] Town Spotlight - [TOWN NAME]

  7. X Things We Love About this [NEIGHBORHOOD] Remodel

  8. How Much Will a Kitchen Remodel Cost in [LOCATION]

  9. How Much Will a Bathroom Remodel Cost in [LOCATION]

  10. How Much Will a Home Remodel Cost in [LOCATION]

  11. How Much Will a Basement Remodel Cost in [LOCATION]

  12. How Much Will a Home Addition Cost in [LOCATION]

  13. How Much Will an Exterior Remodel Cost in [LOCATION]

  14. What Home Remodeling Projects Add the Greatest Value in [LOCATION]?

  15. Whole Home Remodel vs Demolish and Rebuild: Which is Better in [LOCATION]?

  16. Do I Need an Architect to Remodel My Home in [LOCATION]?


Remodeler Blog Topics

Here are the essential blog topics directly related to the remodeling industry. If you consider the above topics the 'meat' of your content strategy, then these are the potatoes. They will greatly help your audience that finds your blog via search, receive your newsletter, or communicate with your sales team.


Materials are important when remodeling a home. They are what the home is made of; they influence the cost of everything and can really make a difference. Here are some material-related blog topics you should consider writing on!

  1. X Benefits of Using Composite Decking Material 

  2. Cost-Effective Materials to Use in Your Home Remodel

  3. Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Flooring

  4. Granite vs Quartz: Which is Better?

  5. X Differences Between Vinyl & Wood Windows

  6. Picking the Right Cabinet for Your Kitchen Remodel 

  7. X Types of Flooring You Should Know About

  8. Gas vs Electric Fireplaces: Which is Best?

  9. Pros & Cons of Common Types of Tiles

  10. What are the Best “Green” Materials to Use in My Home Remodel?

  11. Picking the Right Countertop for Your Kitchen Remodel

  12. Pros & Cons of Electric Heated Floors

Interior Design & Decorating Blog Topics

Interior design has always been a hot topic. Everyone wants to know how to decorate their home. These posts are great for driving traffic to your website!

  1. Simple Interior Design Ideas to Inspire You

  2. [YEAR] Bathroom Design Trends 

  3. [YEAR] Kitchen Design Trends

  4. [YEAR] Basement Design Trends

  5. [YEAR] Color Trends: The Most Popular Colors in Homes

  6. How to Mix Metal Finishes Like a Pro

  7. Kitchen Storage Solutions

  8. Choosing a Room Design That Grows With Your Child

  9. X Clues Your Kitchen is Outdated

  10. X Clues Your Home is Outdated 

  11. How to Choose the Best Design Style for Your Home

  12. X Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

  13. How Paint Can Impact a Room 

  14. How to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

  15. Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

  16. What is the [YEAR] Color of the Year?

  17. How to Refresh Your Hardwood Floors

  18. How to Choose the Best Color Scheme for Your Home

Kitchen Remodeling Blog Topics

Kitchens are often called the heart of the home. Remodeling a kitchen helps to add style and function to the home. Use these kitchen remodeling blog ideas to get inspired for your next kitchen-themed blog. 

  1.  How to Prepare & Pack Your Kitchen for a Remodel

  2. Kitchen Remodel Tips for Entertaining Guests

  3. How to Choose a Range Hood for Your Kitchen

  4. Simple Kitchen Design Ideas to Inspire You 

  5. X Tips for Making Your Kitchen Look Bigger

  6. Walk-in vs Cabinet Pantries: Which is Better?

  7. X Functional Features You Need in Your Kitchen

  8. X Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

  9. Pros & Cons of Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

  10. X Tips to Modernize Your Kitchen

  11. Remodeling Tips for a Senior-Friendly Kitchen

  12. Outdoor Remodeling: X Must-Haves for an Outdoor Kitchen

  13. Pros & Cons of DIY Kitchen Remodeling 

  14. Alternatives to Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances 

  15. X Smart Home Features to Add To Your Kitchen

  16. How Often Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?

  17. When Should You Pick Kitchen Finishes & Fixtures?

  18. Kitchen Island Design Guide

  19. Kitchen Backsplash Basics: Costs, Styles, & More

  20. Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Avoid 

Bathroom Remodeling Blog Topics

Here are a few bathroom remodeling blog topics including common questions, things to avoid, and more!

  1. How to Prepare & Pack Your Bathroom for a Remodel

  2. Features To Add in Your Bathroom Remodel to Maximize Function & Space

  3. Simple Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire You

  4. A Guide to Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom on Your Next Remodel

  5. X Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

  6. How to Brighten Up a Windowless Bathroom

  7. Free Standing Tub vs Walk-in Shower: Which is Best?

  8. Remodeling Tips for a Senior-Friendly Bathroom

  9. Pros & Cons of DIY Bathroom Remodeling 

  10. Bathroom Lighting Options 

  11. How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

  12. What Kind of Tile Should You Use for Your Bathroom?

  13. X Smart Home Features to Add To Your Bathroom

  14. How Often Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

  15. Selecting the Right Countertop For Your Bathroom

  16. Types of Mirrors, Costs, & Where to Find Them

  17. Which Design Style is Right for Your Bathroom?

  18. Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Avoid 

Home remodeling blog topics

Don't forget to include some more general types of remodeling blog topics!

  1. How to Prepare & Pack Before a Home Remodel Begins

  2. What Room Should I Remodel First?

  3. Lighting Upgrades to Consider for Your Home Remodel

  4. X Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

  5. Common Mistakes When Remodeling Older Homes

  6. How to Maximize Small Spaces

  7. How to Legally Convert a Garage into a Liveable Room

  8. Top X Kid-Friendly Home Designs 

  9. How to Remodel Your Home with Aging-In in Mind

  10. X Ways a Home Remodel Can Improve Your Health

  11. Pros & Cons of Open Floor Plans

  12. Sunroom vs Screened-in Porch: Which is Right for You?

  13. Does a Finished Basement Add Value?

  14. Good Reasons to Downsize Your Home

  15. Good Reasons to Upgrade the Size of Your Home

  16. Staircase Design: Types, Tips, & Ideas

  17. X Ways to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

  18. X Things That Get Forgotten When Remodeling a Home

  19. Remodeling For Multigenerational Living 

  20. Easy Ideas to Create Your Work From Home Office 

  21. The Importance of Exterior Remodeling

  22. Home Remodeling Trends to Avoid

  23. X Tips To Avoid Remodeling Delays & Disruptions

  24. Pros & Cons of Remodeling Your Home

  25. X Steps for a Smooth Remodel

  26. Why Parents Should Consider Skilled Trades Careers

  27. How to Care for Your Pets During a Remodel

  28. X Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Kids During a Remodel

  29. X Things to Do Once Your Remodel is Finished

  30. Home Remodeling vs Purchasing a New Home

  31. X Myths About Home Remodeling 

  32. X Home Remodeling Tips for First-Time Homeowners

  33. X Remodeling Terms Defined

  34. X Ways to Know If You’re Ready to Remodel Your Home

  35. What is Aging-In-Place?

  36. Curb Appeal Ideas For Your Home

  37. Home Safety Checklist 

  38. In What Order Should I Remodel My House?

Remodeling Company Blog Topics

Prospective buyers love to know more about a company before they reach out, so it's a great idea to include some posts that explain a little more about who you are and what you do. This will help visitors know if you're a good fit and can help pre-qualify leads.

  1. X Questions to Ask Your Potential Remodeler 

  2. Design-Build Remodeler vs General Contractor 

  3.  Are Permits Required for Home Remodeling?

  4. What is Design-Build Remodeling?

  5. X Tips for a Successful Virtual Design Meeting

  6. Design Showroom Visit: How to Prepare & What to Look For

  7. Why & How to Hire a Remodeling Company

  8. What Happens at a Pre-Construction Meeting?

  9. Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor

  10. Our Design-Build Process

Home Cost-Related Blog Topics

Cost is probably the most important factor when someone is thinking about remodeling their home. You either own the cost conversation or you don't. If you want to drive the conversation, these are the topics for you!

  1. What Remodels Give the Highest Value?

  2. What Room is the Most Expensive to Remodel?

  3. X Reasons Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget 

  4. X Reasons Bathroom Remodels Go Over Budget 

  5. X Reasons Home Remodels Go Over Budget

  6. How to Remodel a Home on a Budget

  7. Costly Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

  8. How to Save Money When Purchasing Countertops

  9. Home Remodeling Ideas That Actually Lower Your Home Value

  10. X Tips For Planning Your Remodel During a Recession

  11. Home Remodel Upgrades That Are Worth the Extra Money

  12. X Tips for Financing Your Home Remodel

  13. How to Determine Your Home Remodeling Budget in X Steps

  14. Are Remodeling Prices Expected to Rise in [YEAR]?

Energy Efficiency / Green Remodeling Blog Topics

This is another hot topic in the remodeling scene right now. Everyone wants to save money on energy! If you can help the environment in the meantime, that's another plus! Write these blog topics to appeal to your environmentally-conscious audience and those interested in saving money in the long run.

  1. X Ways to Lower Your Home Energy Costs

  2. What is Green Remodeling?

  3. Energy Saving Tips for Summer

  4. X Eco-Friendly Remodeling Trends 

  5. How to Save Money on Your Home Remodel With These X Energy Efficient Hacks

  6. X Ways to “Go Green” at Home

  7. Top Characteristics of a Reputable Eco-Friendly Design-Build Remodeler

  8. Eco-Friendly Lighting Ideas

  9. How to Plan a Sustainable Home Remodeling Project

  10. Important Elements to Consider for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

  11. Most Popular Sustainable Flooring for a Kitchen Remodel

  12. X Ways Our Remodeling Company Can Improve Your Home Efficiency

  13. Energy-Efficient Furnaces, Boilers, & Air Conditioners

  14. What is the Most Energy Efficient Water Heating System?

Social Proof Blog Topics

Now's the time to shine! In our social proof section, we provide topics on case studies, awards, and more. Learn how to highlight your remodeling company so your prospects can see you're the best choice for their project!

  1. Meet the [YOUR COMPANY] Team

  2. Employee Spotlight - [EMPLOYEE NAME], [EMPLOYEE TITLE]

  3. [LOCATION] Remodeling Company Teams Up With [CAUSE/CHARITY]

  4. Video Testimonial - [FAMILY NAME] Home

  5. Transformation Tuesday: [LOCATION] [PROJECT] 

  6. The Story Behind Our [PROJECT] Remodel

  7. What We’ve Learned After X Remodeling Projects

  8. Kind Words From Another Happy [COMPANY] Customer

  9. [COMPANY] Wins Prestigious [AWARD]

  10. The Humble Beginnings of How [YOUR COMPANY] Got Started 

  11. X Reasons to Use a Local Remodeler in [LOCATION]

  12. The Future of [YOUR COMPANY] - Here’s What’s Coming 


Seasonal Blog Topics

  1. The Best Season to Remodel Your Home 

  2. [YEAR] Winter Home Checklist

  3. [YEAR] Spring Home Checklist 

  4. [YEAR] Summer Home Checklist

  5. [YEAR] Fall Home Checklist 

  6. X Steps to Prepare Your Home for Winter

  7. X Steps to Prepare Your Home for Summer

  8. X Steps to Prepare Your Home for Spring  

  9. X Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fall

  10. Easy Summer Home DIY Projects 

  11. How to Manage a Holiday Remodel

  12. Home Remodeling Projects to Start During Winter

  13. Home Remodeling Projects to Start During Summer

  14. Decorating Your [LOCATION] Porch for Fall 

  15. X Biggest Trends for Outdoor Winter Decor in [YEAR]

  16. X Biggest Trends for Outdoor Summer Decor in [YEAR]

  17. X Biggest Trends for Outdoor Spring Decor in [YEAR]

  18. X Biggest Trends for Outdoor Fall Decor in [YEAR]


Are you overwhelmed by all these blog topics? I would be, and I wrote this post! There are so many. Where could you possibly start? 

Before we part ways, here's 3 tips for getting started with your remodeling blogging strategy:

1. Start with the most important questions.

Take the questions you get asked most from your prospects and customers and create blog content around that. 

What Blog Posts Should Remodelers Write First? [podcast episode]

Want to know what the first blog posts we recommend remodelers write first? Listen to our podcast where we explain the top four topics remodelers should write about and why.


2. Realize you can't hide anything.

Cost, competitor data, reviews, ratings, options - anything you may have tried to hide from a prospect in the past, they can access within a few seconds via Google. Don't hide in the shadows. Share everything, and be the first to show them who you really are.

3. Be consistent.

This is probably the most important tip I can give you. If you write one blog post, that won't be enough no matter how good it is. Don't let "best" get in the way of "good". Get on a schedule, and write consistently. Our clients that have been blogging weekly for multiple years get 2x, 4x, and even 10x or more traffic than any of their competitors. How does that sound?!?!

Work with Builder Funnel

I hope you enjoyed these blog topic ideas for home builders. If you have any questions or other ideas to contribute, we'd love to hear from you! Simply leave a comment below with your feedback!

Lastly, if all this blogging stuff seems too overwhelming or if you love the concept but don't have the time, Builder Funnel is here for you. We've helped clients all over the United States and Canada create highly-targeted, carefully-curated blog content on a monthly basis.

Within a few months, most of our clients have doubled or tripled traffic to their blogs. After a year and beyond, many of our clients enjoy thousands (yes, thousands!) of new website visitors every month! If you're interested, simply click here to schedule a meeting!

Cheers for now, and I wish you luck in your blogging journey!


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