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Does Your Sales Team Think Internet Leads Are Useless?

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Depending on which study you read, as many as three out of four internet leads today fall through the cracks, never being followed up on. That’s a shocking statistic already, but apply the figure to your own leads per month, and you might start to sweat.  If you receive 100 internet leads in a month, 75 of them are going nowhere.

6 Amazing Features You Can Add to Your Home Builder Website

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You probably already know that an online presence is critical to homebuilder marketing and that your homebuilding website is one of your most important marketing tools. What you probably didn’t know, however, is the sheer scope of incredibly awesome features you can add to your website. Since Internet users are becoming more sophisticated, and since you want to stand out from the crowd, these types of special add-ons to website design can make a huge difference.

Turning Big Mistakes into Big Marketing Opportunities

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When you work in any sort of construction, there’s nothing worse than realizing that there’s been a mistake on a job. Whether something has been built incorrectly or the wrong type of tile has been installed in a custom home, big mistakes can cause you to lose sleep. However, once you’re over the initial shock, those mistakes may also be a great way to boost your homebuilder marketing. Here’s what you should do:

Local SEO for Homebuilders in 2016

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If you’re like most homebuilding companies, you probably already realized that local SEO is one of your best online marketing tools. Chances are you’re already using “geo targeted” keywords, and that you’re optimizing your advertising to target your town, city or area of operation. That’s all a great start, but there are several new tactics that you can use this year to get more bang for your local SEO buck.

8 Places Your Homebuilding Company Can Get Quality Links

Website Design, homebuilder marketing, Homebuilding website

There was a time when getting links for your homebuilding company was easy. You had someone write a lot of keyword stuffed articles, and posted them on article directories. They didn’t have to be good articles. There just had to be a lot of them.

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