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Marketing in 30 Minutes? 3 Quick Wins for Remodeling Companies

Taylor Rennick | October 1, 2020

The 2020 State of Remodeler Marketing Report released last month reveals that most remodeling companies aren’t utilizing their website to generate viable leads.

The report, released each year, shows a stark reality between the number of possible leads generated each month and the percentage of remodeling companies that can accurately track marketing ROI.

The numbers speak for themselves: more than half of the companies surveyed reported that their website received less than ten leads per month.

As an inbound marketing agency specializing in the remodeling industry, we understand that not all marketing efforts can be implemented quickly, or by members of your team, who (more realistically) are onboard to demo kitchens, not necessarily to attract new clients.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of marketing tactics you or someone on your team can implement in 30 minutes or less.

Below, you’ll find a handful of strategies to implement in less time than it takes to have lunch delivered.  Take a look at these three lead generation tips to implement now: 

1. Optimize your contact form

Have you ever gone to fill out a form on a website, and the form is just too long? First and last name is OK, of course, but sometimes, it feels like websites need to know everything about you just to get started. Research shows us that the shorter the form, the more likely you are to capture a lead. Hubspot released a study showing that conversion rates improve by nearly 50% when form fields are reduced from four to three.

While most remodeling companies can’t get away with three fields on their ‘schedule a consultation’ form, the idea still stands. Delete irrelevant fields, and make sure your form is accessible and straightforward to those filling it out. Make sure that your contact us form doesn’t include anything you or your sales team don’t actually need to know. 

2. Get your SEO in order

For your website to be seen, your audience needs to find you quickly and easily. Optimizing your website pages lets the user (and Google) know what each page is about, who you are, and where you work. The more people who find you in your area, the better. 

The good news is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not as scary as it sounds. Taking the time to optimize your website will do nothing but pay dividends down the road. If your website is receiving less than ten leads per month, chances are, your audience has a hard time finding you. The good news is, many optimizations can be done with little time. Use a site like Go to Web or SEO Browser to get a clear and visible look at your website pages.

From there, take a look at the pages that receive the most views and make sure: 

  • Each page has a title 
  • Each page has a meta description 
  • All pages have an h1 tag (header)

Depending on the size of your website, the checklist above may take more than 30 minutes. If so, set aside some time each day to move through your website. It’ll be worth it in the end.  

For more on SEO for your Remodeling Business, download the free SEO checklist. 

3. Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free tool that helps businesses manage their information and profiles across the Google Platform (Google Maps, Google Search, Google Home, etc.) The goal is to help audiences easily find verified information about your business.

Keeping your Google My Business profile up to date helps your business rank higher in the search engines. It provides relative, timely information to those who are using Google to find a remodeling company.  Don’t have a Google My Business profile? You’ll need one. Visit our Complete Guide to Google My Business to get started. 

If you do have a Google My Business account but aren’t checking it regularly, start with these tips: 

  1. Make sure your information is up to date. Double-check your operating hours, address, phone number, and the category your business is labeled as. Consider adding a second category if your business calls for it.

  2. Add photos.  Remodeling companies are rich with project photography and beautifully renovated homes. Add as many images from different projects as you can. If you can add more photos than your competitors, even better. 

  3. The same goes for videos. If you have a video of a job site, your team, or a testimonial for a happy customer, upload it to your GMB profile. Videos will help you stand out from your competitors, and seeing you or your team on video helps to provide an extra level of trustworthiness to your potential audience. 

For more on optimizing your Google My Business profile, visit our blog: 7 Google My Business Optimization Tips Remodelers Need to Follow Now

While the three tactics above work great for those on a time crunch, there is always more that can be done to increase your companies online presence and generate qualified leads. Our team works hard to bring you everything from the latest techniques in SEO to mastering Facebook marketing for remodelers. 

For more on the inbound marketing methodology and how to get started with Builder Funnel, book a call with Spencer. 

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