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Common Mistakes that Remodelers Make With Google Ads

3 min read

Common Mistakes that Remodeling Contractors Make With Google Ads

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of home buyers begin their search online? With so many potential buyers starting their search on the internet, it’s crucial for home builders to push their site to the top of search engines quickly. Google...

Do Facebook Ads Work for Contractors?

4 min read

Do Facebook Ads Work for Contractors?

Should you be running Facebook ads for your building or remodeling business? Builder Funnel helps builders and remodelers grow through strategic...

The Best Marketing Software for Construction Companies

7 min read

The Best Marketing Software for Construction Companies

The right marketing software is crucial for driving growth and staying competitive in a digital landscape. Using the best tools in the custom home...


6 min read

Must-Have Pages on Your Remodeling & Home Building Website

Your website has to be more than just an online brochure—it's a powerful tool for lead generation and conversion. For remodelers and home builders, a...


8 min read

Best Construction Project Management Software in 2024

Effective project management ensures construction projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. The rise of advanced...

Spencer and Malachi racing for Movember miles in 2021

5 min read

Top Events for Remodelers & Home Builders in 2024

What are your peers buzzing about? What are their struggles? Staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in construction...

The best home builder CRMs

9 min read

The Best Construction CRMs for Home Builders, Remodelers, and Contractors

There's a lot of talk out there about various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and there are a ton of options to choose from when it...

Remodeling Website Design - Important Principles

9 min read

10 Important Principles for Remodeling Website Design

First impressions matter, and your home remodeling website is the front door to your company online. Beauty is important for remodeling website...


9 min read

10 Remodeler Marketing & Advertising Ideas for 2024

Ready to revitalize your remodeling marketing game? The landscape for leads for many builders and remodels looks a little different heading into 2024...

How Much Should a Construction Company Spend on Marketing & Advertising?

3 min read

How Much Should a Construction Company Spend on Marketing & Advertising?

What's your marketing budget? How much of your revenue should be channeled into marketing and advertising? These are crucial questions for...


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