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Making Social Media Work for Your Remodeling Business

Twitter, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Home Builder Marketing

Trying to maintain a presence on every social network would result in very little remodeling getting done. Concentrating on just one or two social networks, however, and building a good community within them is better than spreading yourself too thin across them all. 

20 Ideas for Social Media Homebuilding Updates

Social Media for Home Builders, Twitter

Maintaining a social presence when you’re busy building homes isn’t easy, but it’s one of the quickest (and arguably cheapest) ways to feed your marketing and sales funnel. Finding ideas is the hardest part, so we’ve done some of the work for you with 20 ideas to make social media homebuilding updates a bit easier.

6 Benefits of Using Paid Social Media to Expand Your Home Builder Reach

Twitter, Social Media Marketing, Linkedin, Facebook Marketing, Home Builder Marketing

The whole point of social media marketing is that it’s free. Isn’t it? Well, yes it is, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way to do it.

Turn Your Homebuilder or Remodeler Website into a Content Marketing Powerhouse

Content Marketing, Twitter, Linkedin, Video Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Attracting visitors to your homebuilding or remodeling website so they can see what you have to offer is vital if you want to increase awareness of your services in the community, right? But how exactly do you do that?

Reasons Why You Should Send Out Regular Homebuilding eNewsletters

Twitter, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing

Email marketing proponents are constantly exhorting homebuilders to set up a mailing list and send out email newsletters on a regular basis. And while inbound marketing offers many valid reasons why you should do so, the most important ones are those that aren’t quite as well known. Here are a few of those:

This blog is dedicated to providing valuable information to home builders, remodelers, and contractors about inbound sales and marketing. It's full of test, experiments, and ideas from our dedicated team of marketers.

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