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Increasing Conversions on Your Home Builder Landing Page

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For many home builders, the landing page is the backbone of a marketing strategy. Landing pages are a great way of improving search engine rankings and attracting new customers – when done correctly. Is your landing page performing to its full potential?


There is more to a good landing page than crisp, sharp looking graphics with a catchy sales pitch. Many factors contribute to a website’s success, but the landing page's conversion ability is one of the most important. The following are a few tips for improving web page design and conversion rates


Direct Text

Website visitors want to know the point of your website as soon as they land on you page. Keep text and descriptions simple and direct, informing visitors about your services and how customers can benefit from your company. Be descriptive and engaging, but keep your text brief. If the purpose of your landing page text isn't to increase conversions and persuade clients, it's unnecessary. 


Relevant Headings

Any titles, subtitles, or other headings need to be eye catching and relevant. Titles should be direct and descriptive and capture the reader's attention. Don't add subtitles just to break up the text, but insert them where they naturally fit. This draws viewers’ eyes down the page, subtly encouraging them to scroll and learn more about your company. 


Simple Structure

Keep the website design clear and simple, especially on the landing page. While an advanced structure and complicated forms could seem professional to some, it might be a turnoff for others. Your visitors should be able to navigate your page even with minimal internet experience, and any forms or payment pages should be simple and transparent. Have a simple menu bar, a clear link to your terms and conditions, and an obvious link to your contact information. 


Sleek Graphics

By including a short video or one or two high quality pictures, you can increase conversions without distracting visitors. Videos are an effective way of highlighting information if done properly, and before and after pictures of construction projects, for example, can make your message more powerful. Remember that all graphics must be high quality and used in moderation. 


No Clutter

Keep your landing page clean, with the least amount of text and graphics needed to convey your message. While you may be tempted to include flash media and fancy graphics to impress visitors, too much information is distracting and detracts from the purpose of your landing page. 


Above/Below the Fold

Just as classic newspapers have the eye-catching main story on the top of the first page above the fold, all your important website information must be above the fold. If customers have to scroll down to find your call to action or an important update from your company, they may never see it. 


Call to Action

Your call to action must be clear, descriptive, and brief. It should be above the fold so visitors can't miss it and persuasive enough to effectively increase conversions. 

To guide your website visitors into becoming paying customers of your homebuilding business, follow these tips to improve your landing page.

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