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Common Mistakes that Remodeling Contractors Make With Google Ads

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Did you know that approximately 80 percent of home buyers begin their search online? With so many potential buyers starting their search on the internet, it’s crucial for home builders to push their site to the top of search engines quickly. Google Ads provides an immediate solution as SEO efforts begin to take hold, offering instant gratification while other strategies develop results. SEO and PPC together compose approximately 90 percent of clicks across the web, making Google Ads an essential component of any inbound marketing campaign. Builder Funnel has been helping builders and remodelers grow through strategic digital marketing for more than 14 years, a lot longer than Google Ads has been a major player in a company’s online presence. We’ve studied hard, experimented, and worked out the kinks so that our Google Ad advice is second to none.

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Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Improper Conversion Tracking

A common pitfall in Google Ads campaigns is the lack of proper conversion tracking. Many agencies either don't set up conversion tracking or track irrelevant metrics like site visits instead of actual conversions, rendering the data nearly worthless. We avoid this by ensuring conversion tracking is set up correctly and focusing on vital information such as cost per conversion, click-through rate (CTR), and search impression share.

Inadequate Keyword Research and Use

Poor keyword research and misuse of match types can derail a campaign. Instead of using phrase match keywords, which are less effective due to changes in Google's algorithms, we recommend using broad match and exact match keywords. Broad match helps in capturing user intent based on past searches, while exact match targets specific queries.

Not Utilizing Site Extensions

Not using site extensions is a missed opportunity. Site extensions increase the real estate your ad takes up on Google Search, boosting your CTR. Including relevant extensions can enhance your ad's performance and provide additional information to potential customers.

Ignoring Audience Segments

Failing to set up audience segments means missing out on valuable data about user behaviors and interests. By targeting specific audiences, you can adjust bid strategies based on performance and refine your campaign to target the most relevant users.

Lack of Ad Scheduling

Not setting up an ad schedule can lead to inefficient ad spend. Ad scheduling allows you to analyze performance at different times of the day and days of the week, enabling better optimization of your ad spend.

Not Optimizing Ads Regularly

Continuous optimization is key to a successful Google Ads campaign. This includes adding negative keywords, adjusting bids, and refining ad copy. Dynamic headlines, using keyword or location insertion, can also improve CTR by displaying the most relevant terms based on user searches.

Choosing the Wrong Campaign Type

Selecting the wrong campaign type can hinder your goals. For most construction companies, a search campaign or performance max campaign is most suitable. These types of campaigns align well with the typical goals of increasing visibility and generating leads.

Failing to Target Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

Just like any other purchase, home buyers go through a buying cycle that includes awareness, interest, learning more information, shopping the market, and making a purchase. The most common mistake is writing ad copy and using it repeatedly. No wonder so many home builders decide to hire a specialized agency for their inbound marketing strategies!

Forgetting About Content Marketing

If your home-building company is investing in Google Ads, then it’s important to continue investing in content marketing as well. Many home builders make the mistake of investing in one or the other, but both should be used to create a powerful synergy until organic content ranks on its own.

Failing to Create Specific Landing Pages

When visitors come to your website through an ad, they shouldn’t land on the homepage. Instead, a custom landing page should welcome them based on the campaign that you’re running. Specific landing pages improve conversion rates – or at least help prospective clients through the sales funnel – because they target a specific need. Home builders that utilize landing pages experience enhanced results.

Overpaying for Mobile Users

While it’s important to reach out to mobile users, the reality is that mobile users interact differently on a mobile device than they would on a desktop. You can create awareness among mobile users, but encouraging them to take action is typically more difficult.

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Key Metrics for Continuous Optimization

To ensure continuous optimization, we track key metrics such as:

  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • CTR
  • Cost per Conversion
  • Search Impression Share

Regularly monitoring these metrics helps us understand what’s working and what needs adjustment, ensuring we bring in more qualified leads.

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Get Google Ads Tailored to Your Construction Business

Google Ads is a powerful tool for construction companies, but it requires careful setup and continuous optimization. By avoiding common pitfalls and focusing on key practices, you can significantly improve your campaign's performance. If navigating these complexities seems daunting, partnering with a qualified marketing agency with specialized skill in your niche can provide the expertise needed to grow your home builder business. Reach out to us, pick our brains, and start the conversation that changes everything for your construction business.