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Outdoor Remodeler Closes $150,000 with Google Ads in 60 Days

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Deckscapes of Virginia is a prominent and well-established full-service outdoor living company that specializes in designing and constructing various elements of outdoor spaces. They are known for their exceptional ability to turn clients' outdoor living dreams into reality while providing a stress-free and streamlined planning process.

Deckscapes chose Builder Funnel's 30-day Marketing Blueprint process to build out their fully custom 12-month marketing strategy plan. But after seeing how much work it was going to take to beat their competition, they opted to work with a dedicated team here at Builder Funnel to implement their custom marketing strategy.

That plan included a detailed paid ads campaign. Google Ads are a great way to skip the line on Google searches and gain new bottom of the funnel leads, which brings us into the how. 👇

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How Builder Funnel generated qualified google ad leads

After years of tweaking, learning, and growing with Google ads, we implemented our best practices to target and convert qualified leads for Deckscapes. We won't get into all of the details, but some of our best practices include:

  • setting up the right campaign with the right goals and assets
  • creating a first-impression landing page that converts
  • setting up conversion tracking so Google can learn who is the right audience for this ad

Let's dive into each specific practice and discover how we did it.

Setting up the appropriate google ad campaign

Different types of campaigns have varying levels of effectiveness based on your goals, budget, and assets available to use. In this case, we set up a Google search campaign, which will allow Deckscapes to show up at the top of Google whenever someone searches for the targeted keywords.

Once we chose our campaign, the next step is feeding Google all the information that it needs for us to run a successful campaign. That means:

  • targeting the right keywords and number of keywords
  • targeting the appropriate locations
  • using quality headlines and descriptions
  • building sitelinks with user experience in mind

And there is much more which goes into this, but that's a good bulk!


google ads analytics

Choosing Your Google Ad campaign goals

There are a few different options which you can choose for your campaign goals. For this campaign, our aim was to target the bottom of the funnel leads that have a high purchase intent. To accomplish that, we selected "leads" to be the campaign goal.

Even within "leads," there are different options. We recommend form submissions and creating landing pages that are optimized for conversions. This allows our clients to gather details about potential customers, so even if they may not be ready to buy at this moment, they will still have their email address and can nurture them and stay top of mind.

Google can't make anything easy. Ensuring that conversions are set up properly can be a pain. You have to make sure that all tracking codes are set up properly and put on relevant pages, along with setting this up properly in Google.

Conversions are necessary for Google to determine if they are doing their job well. Ultimately, they want you to receive leads because the better you do, the more you're willing to spend on Google or any ad platform. When they are able to understand what a "lead" is, it gives them more information on who should be shown those ads.

Creating a Landing Page that Converts

When it comes to Google ads, it's best practice to create a landing page. This page is most likely a first impression of your business, so you want it to be built like a sales funnel.

You don't want to be directing them to a page that isn't optimized for conversions or help answer their questions. So when someone searches kitchen remodeler near me and it doesn't bring them to a page that is optimized to convert, answer their questions, and showcase your work to prove you're the right choice for them, it becomes a missed opportunity.

A strong Google ad landing page that converts starts above the fold, meaning the first thing they will see when they click your ad and before they scroll. You want to reiterate the service this page is promoting, along with the location. So for example, it would say Kitchen Remodeling in Denver.

google ad remodeler landing page

Another key element to include on this page are your completed projects. The home remodeling industry is a heavily image/video based and helps promote the quality of work you're capable of and inspire the potential clients.

Throughout the page, a best practice is including more headers that include both your location and the service. Some example headers are "Kitchen Remodeling Inspiration," followed by a photo gallery. Another option would be "Kitchen Remodeling Near You," followed by a module of your service area locations.

For ease of conversion tracking, there should only be one form on this landing page. Ideally it's a long form to ensure the leads coming in are more qualified. We also recommend embedding the form at the bottom of the landing page. Picture a sales funnel - you ask for the sale at the end of the conversation after you've proven your value and fit. The concern with putting the form at the bottom, they may never actually make it there to convert. This is why we like to include anchor links sprinkled throughout the page which will jump users directly down to the form.

There are more factors that go into creating a great converting landing page such as pop-up forms, exit intent forms, answering the viewers questions, and much more. We covered all our bases and if you do as well, this will put you ahead of your competition.


After launching, the Google ad campaign generated several quality leads and already converted one customer - all within 60 days. Typical campaigns enter a 90 day learning phase before reaching really impressive numbers, so this was a huge and quick win.

Effective marketing can only do so much getting leads in the door. Then it comes down to sales to close the deal. It's a team effort!

Deckscapes was able to close the lead into a $150,000 project after spending only $5,997.92 in ads. That's a 25x return in just 2 months.


In today's economy, we are noticing decreasing search sessions for remodeling projects. A great way to skip the line and sit in the number one spot on Google is through Google ads. Although we were able to help close a $150,000, when starting Google ads, it can take longer than this to happen. It takes Google time to learn and understand your ideal client and assists them in understanding who to show the ad.

There are several steps that you need to go through to setting up a Google ad that targets the right audience, along with a landing page that converts and we were able to implement all of our best practices to help out Deckscapes.

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