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7 Video Marketing Ideas for Contractors Looking to Grow in 2022

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If you're a contractor, remodeler, or home builder, have you considered using video marketing to grow your business this year? If not, you may be behind. Video is one of the best performing marketing strategies construction companies are using today to increase social engagement, drive website traffic, and convert and nurture leads. Check out our top ideas for video marketing, and you're one step closer to implementing your own effective video marketing strategy!


Why Construction Video Marketing?

Video allows you to build trust and credibility with your prospects. It does this by making you (if you are on camera) familiar to the viewer. Studies have shown that “familiarity” builds viewer trust and thus a greater propensity to act. In fact, there is even a rating system that measures the familiarity and appeal of a brand, company, or celebrity; it’s called a “Q-Score”. It’s not by chance that brands use spokespeople with high Q-scores who we have become comfortable with over time. Video allows you to build your own personal Q-score.

A prospect seeing you on video prior to your first meeting helps build that personal connection faster – they already “know” you through the power of video. Just like you feel you know your favorite movie star or cable news host because you observe them on a regular basis.

Besides building trust, there are technical reasons to market with video as well. Websites that include video are 53 times more likely to reach the first page in a Google search. With every other remodeler, builder, and contractor in your market area competing for the same keywords, video is an excellent way to help you beat the competition in the battle for eyeballs. 

Once your prospect finds your website, if they take the time to watch your video content, studies show that they are substantially more likely to make a buying decision in your favor than not. The future of selling in the construction industry will definitely involve video!

If you are unsure about video, just consider that 99% of marketers that did video last year are going to continue doing video this year. I know your mom told you that it's not wise to jump off a cliff just because everyone else is, but in this case, statistics show that you may want to take the leap!


Quick Video Ideas You Can Implement Now


Job Site Videos

People love to know how the sausage is made! Job site videos take them behind the scenes and demonstrate the intricacies, challenges, and skill required in your profession. It makes them part of the renovation, home building, or construction process, increasing their knowledge so they can make more informed buying decisions; it sets you up as the expert who helped them become informed. These short videos are easily shared as stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Meet the Team Videos

Who is your prospect going to be working with if they hire you? Let them get to know your team through short videos that highlight not only what each team member does and their skill level but humanizes them by sharing their hobbies and outside interests as well.

About the Company Videos

Do you have a great company story? People want to be part of that. Share your history. Have you been in the business for multiple generations? Do you have a particular focus? Connection to your town? This is the place talk about it and build familiarity and trust.

Case Study Videos

Humans love stories! Sitting around the campfire and sharing tales of our ancestors derring-do is a centuries old tradition. Make your video case study a Hero’s Journey; how did you help your customer overcome a tough remodeling challenge and save the day?

Process Videos

How do you work with customers? What should they expect? Process videos help lower the anxiety of a prospect about what is probably an unfamiliar venture – their project. No one wants to appear dumb and unknowledgeable. Your process videos allow your prospect to arrive informed and confident for their first meeting with you.

What to Expect Videos

Like Process Videos, WTE Videos can focus on what the client can expect from each meeting with you (for instance, a meeting to select materials and choose colors) and what NOT to expect. You can also do these WTE videos for the construction process as well. These are great for setting the proper level of expectation on the part of the client.

Client Testimonials

Last but certainly not least, the client testimonial is a must have video in your digital arsenal. No one wants to be first! (Not totally true, 10% of the population are early adopters and love to be first, but the rest of us do not). Client testimonials demonstrate that real live people have gone before, done a remodel, and have not only survived the experience, but loved it as well. We are a social animal, and we need the reassurance of others.

That's it for our video marketing ideas in this post, but if you'd like more, check out these home builder video ideas and one way to get started with video without being a film director! In addition, you can learn how to use video marketing in construction with Logan Shinholser! Break out that smart phone and hit record!

Key Takeaways

  • Videos build trust and credibility
  • Videos build your online rankings
  • Videos are highly effective in making the sales process move faster
  • Video is the marketing wave of the future. Surf it!

If you're ready to start creating videos, but don't know where to start, we're here to help! Schedule a Discovery Call with me, Spencer Powell, to see how video marketing can help your business grow!

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