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7 Incredibly Creative Ideas For Your Next Homebuilder’s Blog Post

Spencer Powell | Nov 27, 2018 11:04:16 AM | Home Builder Marketing

If you’ve invested in content marketing for some time, you know how difficult it can be to brainstorm fresh, compelling ideas, post after post. In fact, there’ll be some days where you feel like you’re recycling content that you’ve previously published. To consistently improve lead conversion and grow your business, your content marketing must not only consistently provide content, but also remain fresh and ahead of your industry.
To help keep your business blogging efforts fresh with thought, we’ve listed seven different homebuilding topics that you can turn into full-fledged blog posts with your own unique spin!


Floor Plan Ideas

Floor plan ideas. There’s a plethora of content marketing opportunities when you focus on floor plans—and there’s huge lead potential as well. In fact, up to 50 percent of any homebuilder’s website traffic is generated by posts focusing on floor plans. Whether you discuss specific options, compare ideas or create a video tour, writing about floor plans is a simple, yet effective, way to boost your content marketing strategy.


Why Today is the Best Time to Purchase a New Home

Because the housing market and national economy is cyclical, you can continue recycling this content marketing strategy for years to come. Highlight low interest rates, the low cost of building and the bargains that new homeowners can enjoy. Whether you use this format in 2013 or 2020, there’s a plethora of new economic data to support your claims.


Customer Testimonials

A new home is one of the largest—if not the largest—investment that Americans will make in their lifetime. No wonder prospective buyers are so cautious! To help strengthen your lead conversion, consider focusing on satisfied customers and featuring them in testimonials.


Strategies to Save on Energy Bills 

One of the great secrets of content marketing is that not every post or article has to be specifically related to your products and services. While energy bills aren’t directly related to homebuilding, they are still of interest to homeowners. In other words, you can boost your content marketing and even help lead conversion by focusing on topics in the same niche.


Builder Stories

Did you know that consumers are more likely to perform business with a corporation that they feel a connection with? For homebuilders to create that emotional connection through content marketing, consider sharing builder stories such as an experience on site or what your mission statement means to you. Make your business personable.

Answer the Last Question You Heard in a Sales Meeting

If you were asked something in a sales meeting (about price, timeline or something else entirely), there are most likely other people with questions around the same topic. Make it easy on your prospect and answer that question in your next blog post!


Community Information

ocal and even regional homebuilders will want to provide value to local homeowners or prospective buyers. Talk about schools, churches and recreational opportunities in the local area. Your audience will appreciate the valuable information you provide!

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