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6 Customer Service Skills Your Construction Employees Should Have

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It doesn't matter how great your builds or remodels are. If your employees lack the right customer service skills, your potential customers may head straight for your competitors. So what customer service skills should your employees have? Take a look at these 6 skills: 


Your employees should always be patient when interacting with customers. Some customers may have a lot of questions about building or remodeling their homes. Some may feel nervous or frustrated by the process. Therefore, it is important for your employees to have the patience to listen to your customer’s concerns and make them feel at ease about choosing your company to build or remodel their home.  


It would be great if we could always tell our customers exactly what they want to hear, but that’s just not possible. That’s why being empathetic is so important. Showing concern and understanding not only leaves a lasting impression, but also steers the conversation towards a positive outcome. Even if a potential customer doesn't end up working with your company, they may tell a friend or family member about the high level of customer service they received.

Knowledge of Services

Your employees should know what services you offer, how the pricing works, and any other information that your potential or current customers may inquire about. This means taking the time to ensure each of your employees have been trained thoroughly and feel confident in their knowledge about your offerings.

Ability to use Positive Language

Using positive language allows customers to know what you can do instead of what you can’t. It can also be helpful when delivering bad news or telling a customer that you’re unable to do something they have requested. Consider this scenario: The tile that your customer selected for their custom build has been discontinued. Instead of telling the customer that you're unable to get the tile that they wanted, try saying "I apologize that the tile that you requested has been discontinued, but I have several comparable options available to suit your style and budget." 

Ability to Defuse Situations

Unfortunately, customers may not always be understanding when an issue arises. They may raise their voice, complain, or use distasteful language, so having a calming presence is essential. It can truly help to defuse stressful situations. Additionally, it allows your employee to keep their cool when dealing with irate or unreasonable customers.

Ability to Handle Surprises

You never know what a customer may bring to you, so having employees that can handle surprises is essential. If a customer throws your employee a curve ball, they should always be ready to respond and come up with a solution for the unique situation.

If your employees lack any of these 6 skills, you should consider customer service training for your staff. By training your employees, you will give them the tools they need to improve the customer service of your construction business. 

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