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2017 Home Builder Marketing Trends We’re Seeing

Spencer Powell | Nov 27, 2018 10:47:07 AM | Home Builder Marketing

At this time of year a lot of your prospective clients are checking out the designer blogs to see what the new trends for home building in 2017 will be. They don’t want to be left behind when it comes to new developments and features that will make their homes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Home builders, on the other hand, are keeping their eyes on marketing trends so that they’ll be in a position to win those potential clients. What are some of those trends we’re seeing with our clients? Here are just a few examples.

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1. Video is Big

We’re seeing more and more clients (and clients’ competitors) incorporating video footage in their website content. While clear floor plans, great photography, and helpful answers to questions remain critical, more consumers are looking for video on builder sites. Let’s face it, a lot of the population finds it a bit limiting to look at a floor plan or a still image of a house. Potential home buyers want to get a feel for what it’s like to walk through the kind of house you build. Video let’s them do that. One word of caution, however. Poor quality video (just like poor quality photography) can have the exact opposite effect. You don’t have to win an Oscar with your camera work, but make sure your images are high quality.


2. Increased Online Spending

This is really no big surprise, but home builders are putting more of their marketing money into online efforts. That doesn’t mean they aren’t doing conventional marketing such as mailings, or open houses—but they know that their prospective clients are starting their searches and their information gathering on line.


3. More Available Information

Builder websites need to make increasing amounts of information available to prospects. A few simple pictures and descriptions simply won’t get the job done anymore. Home buyers have specific questions that they want answers to before they’ll even dream of calling or visiting an open house. They want to know about the process, the materials, options, general pricing, and neighborhoods. Your website needs to provide that information (in a variety of ways) to keep them coming back. It you’re not doing that, your competitor probably is!


4. Instagram’s Increasing Popularity

If you want to reach the millennial market, you had better be posting on Instagram. This very visual platform has a strong appeal for millennial buyers. Will they buy a home from you based on Instagram posts? Of course not! But it may be the enticement they need to check you out in more detail.


5. Facebook Live

We’re keeping a close eye on Facebook’s new “Facebook Live” option. It’s still new and developing, but it’s a fresh, quick, casual, and easy way for potential clients to connect with you—and with others who may be influenced by what they see. Again, it’s another entré into an audience that’s initially looking for quick bites of information.

What are you seeing in your area that’s causing a stir and causing potential home buyers to sit up and take notice? We’d love to hear your thoughts and pass them on!

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